An interview with Dharmanshu Pandey – (Joint Secretary – Karate Do Association of Odisha)



Karate is one of the sport that has gained immense popularity throughout the years.   The youth of today are very interested to learn Karate because of several reasons. Here is an exclusive interview with Dharmanshu Pandey who is the Joint Secretary of Karate Do Association of Odisha. He is also the founder of The D61 Karate school.

We  asked him about the popularity of Karate in the recent years . Dharmanshu told us that the popularity of Karate has seemingly increased in the recent years  and almost 100 million people across as many as 192 countries are acquainted with this sport . This has resulted in massive popularity.

We were also curious to know how useful is Karate nowadays. Dharmanshu had to say to that “ It’s a discipline and a way of living”. It is not only a sport but has been a weapon of self defense for people in and around the world.  The number of female students learning karate with dedication has also increased throughout the years.

Learning Karate needs a lot of dedication and patience. This is a kind of sport in which people need to be consistent . The discipline a person needs to learn Karate is very important . There are several times initially when a person gets tired , lacks energy and even gets hurt . One has to keep on practicing hard till they get perfect.

Karate Do Association of Odisha (State ) is also responsible for sending state teams to compete in several National and International Level Competitions. The trainers here are extremely trained and understand the requirements of each and every individual student.

He summed up by saying Karate is a sport that can not only keep a person active and fit but also train them to battle difficult situations by using it as a self defense mechanism.

Article by Subhechcha Ganguly


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