Ananya Sritam Nanda- The fervent songbird

by Akankshya Mahapatra

The young singer who captivated millions of viewers right from her Kids Special Indian Idol days, has already won even more hearts of classes and masses with her sweet and melodious songs in films like Prem Kumar, Love Promise and a dozen of music videos. There is no guesses only, the only name that comes to mind is – Ananya Sritam Nanda, the young magician who is keeping the fans spellbound by her soulful voice. Ananya is a well known name in Odia film and music industry. Odia music lovers are blessed with a number of Ananya-hits that are surely in their loop. Odia Cinema Empire has witnessed many chartbusters in her voice.

Ananya is a very genuine and humble soul. She believes in hard-work. From her early age, when Ananya used to be a kid and touched the first milestone of her life- winning Indian Idol trophy, her confidence leveled up. The dream that she always had, to pursue her career as a playback singer, started becoming a reality. She is blessed with her family’s support and admits that they are the pilot of her musical journey. Ananya’s elder sister, who is also a singer, has inspired her to bloom. Ananya’s parents, her sister and brother in law take care of her projects. They discuss everything, be it the lyrics of the song or the due. They are the singer’s unofficial management folks.

The singer is currently grinding day and night to create magic in the Bollywood Showbiz. She is also doing her masters in Bombay. The Nightingale, with her study, practices her music rituals daily to keep her voice on track. She is very much sincere towards her singing. that’s obvious, when she started the journey from a very young age. She is also a fabulous scholar, with a grad degree of BMM, Ananya never compromises when it comes to studying. She was her school topper in 12th grade. Her music meditation has never let her study go light.

Ananya’s songs are always filled with love, to them she gives her heart. The singer is always careful with the lyrics of the song she is to sing. She thinks, that’s what creates real impact on the listeners. Ananya always avoids songs that have nudity in it. She is strict to her contributions to music. In a generation where double meaning songs are buzzing everywhere, avoiding them at such a young age is pure bravery.

“Mo priya tharu kie adhika sundara”, this legendary track in master Chitta Jena’s voice drives Ananya’s soul. She is a huge admirer of this song. She think, every song has its pre-destined singer. Who will sing which song its all pre-decided. She feels happy and proud to be part of her songs.

Despite of being a popular artist, she is a gentle and down to earth woman and a super positive soul who always hopes for positive things to happen. The singer is very well social and updates her fans regularly about her meetings with directors, her life and other activities through her Instagram handle. The musical sensation with humbleness and a classy personality is nowhere common today. She has surely a God gifted life with so much talent and uncountable dreams, that are forging their paths to become realities. With a voice that sounds heavenly and gives goosebumps everytime you listen to her tracks, what makes this woman a perfect music siren.



By Akankshya Mahapatra

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