Apricots – The storehouse of health benefits

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Even though apricots are small, they are packed with taste and nutrients. Depending on the kind, the flavour of these yellow-orange fruits, which are high in vitamins and minerals, can range from sweet to sweet-tart. When ripe, apricots’ flesh is soft and fairly juicy, and their skin is velvety with soft fuzz. About 4,000 years ago, China is where Prunus armeniaca was first domesticated. It is hardly surprising that this exquisite stone fruit started its voyage west along the Silk Road because it was highly regarded by locals, traders, and travellers. Over time, apricots spread to the Middle East and Central Asia.

The abundance of vitamins, flavonoids, and potassium in apricots contributes to their great health advantages. Your blood vessels are strengthened and protected by flavonoids, which also lessen inflammation symptoms. Potassium, a mineral necessary for healthy neuron and muscle function, is also essential for the body’s ability to transport nutrients. Additionally, it promotes heart and blood pressure wellness. Vitamin E and vitamin C are two antioxidants well-known for their skin-improving qualities. They can lessen the appearance of early wrinkles and increase skin suppleness while also shielding skin cells from ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Another antioxidant that helps shield your skin from sunburns and subsequent UV deterioration is beta-carotene.Apricots are a great source of dietary fibre that will benefit your digestive system. They have nearly equal amounts of soluble and insoluble fibre overall. Your digestive tract can retain more water with the aid of soluble fibre, which also supports the growth of healthy bacteria. For balanced levels of intestinal flora, insoluble fibre is also advantageous.

By Bidisha Mohanty

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