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Covid-19 turns one, the world awaits its end.


With the onset of 2020, the world was ready to step into a new decade with a hope of advancement. But little did we know that the tiniest organism known to humankind would bring the world to a standstill, a virus.

The first human cases of Covid-19 were first reported by officials in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019. But, according to an unpublicised report from the Chinese government, the first case can be traced back to November 17, 2019, which simultaneously started spreading over the whole world, creating havoc and panic. China, especially Wuhan went into strict and rigorous lockdown for many days. And then cases started getting reported in India, the Govt of India was quick to react and decided to impose a nationwide lockdown as a firm step against the Covid-19. Whether the decision was too little or too late to fight against such a much anticipated pandemic like covid ? Only time will tell.

The strict lockdown curbs helped the country that took almost 3 months to reach the first 100 positive cases of corona virus. 

The first case of COVID-19 in India was reported on 30 January 2020. India currently has the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia, and stands in second position in the number of confirmed cases in the world after the United States, with almost 8 million reported cases of COVID-19 infection, more than 1 lakh deaths. More than 7 million recovered.

It was imperative for the Government to start awareness campaigns about the virus to educate the masses on the spread of virus.

Talking about the health-sector of the country, which was certainly unprepared and overburdened with less ventilators in comparison to other developed countries, across the country still performed like a impetus whereas developed European countries with the best health care facilities in the whole world failed to tackle the virus initially. India performed significantly higher, leaving no stone unturned, the government has been still providing health care facilities to every Covid positive patient for free of cost.

Developed nation like the US have already surpassed the death toll of two lakh due to its early easing of lockdown. Even the WHO lauded India for its tremendous performance and said, it has a great potential to deal with the virus. Amid a poor health infrastructure, still India managed to test more than 1 lakh people on a daily basis, the number is far more than any other developed countries.

In India the covid-19 active cases stands at 443303 while 8383602 have been discharged. The death toll due to the virus is 131578 according to the union health ministry data as on 19th November, 2020, 08.00 IST.

Covid-19 turns one, the world awaits its end. 1

Imported virus has caused severe damage to the country that the wheel of the economy has to start from scratch to put the economy back to normal. The stimulus package announced by the central government will play a crucial role in reshaping the ladders of the economy, economists were disagree to few tranches of this stimulus package still many lauded the government for this step for revival.

It’s more than eight months and still we are fighting bravely with the virus, though there is a fear of any second wave of transmission, still in India the cases are now declining. Though our economy has plunged down to a record low, it will take time to revive. In an much anticipated event for the vaccine, many vaccines are in their last stage of experiment and Pfizer recently announced that it’s vaccine to be 95% effective while Moderna also claimed it’s vaccine to be nearly 95% effective. 

Human life is the most important aspect of anything in this world, understanding to this instance the government tried to put every possible curbs to restrain the lethal virus. The day is not far when we will see a new Dawn of covid-19 free world.

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