As the deadline for increased pensions approaches, applicants experience technical difficulties on the EPFO webpage


Numerous firms have asked for the deadline to be extended and the procedure to be made easier for applicants.According to several media reports, there are only three days left before Monday’s deadline for registering for higher pensions with the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Applicants and employers are still battling a number of technical issues that are making it difficult to submit the application through the unified EPFO portal.

Employees who were a part of the EPFO before or on September 1, 2014, but were not eligible to petition for a higher pension, were given four months to submit new alternatives under the Supreme Court’s November 2022 order. The closing date was initially pushed back to May 3, 2023, and then again until June 26, 2023.Additionally, there is still a lot of confusion among consumers regarding the process’s computation, payment, and resolution of disputes between wage records kept by the EPFO and the employer. What would happen if one of the employers went out of business or merged is still up for debate. According to experts, the deadline might be extended once more as a result of the factors mentioned above.

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