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Audi claims to have modernised its recognisable logo

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The popular four-ringed emblem of the German automaker Audi has been simplified, making it the most recent in a long line of vehicle firms to do so.The company has updated its famous four rings, which have become associated with “innovative mobility” as its motto, as part of the resurrection of its corporate identity.

The four rings come to mind when you think of Audi, and that’s a positive indication, according to Marc Leichte, Head of Audi Design, in a YouTube video. But we have made the rings subtle, two-dimensional, and of extremely high quality thanks to our overhaul and new Continuous Improvement (CI) method. We want to advance Audi’s DNA to the highest degree.

The four rings are still arranged in the same pattern for the new design, but they are no longer elevated and their shiny chrome colour has faded. Now, the rings are either white with a thin black border or dark grey with black borders.
With the redesign, Audi now has two-dimensional insignia instead of three-dimensional ones, joining other automakers like Volvo, Nissan, and Vauxhall.Audi, whose Latin name means “to listen,” thinks the new colour scheme is more visible and distinguishable against backgrounds and car grilles of various colors.

In 1932, Audi joined Auto Union GmbH after being founded in 1909. The company, which is now owned by Volkswagen AG, has 13 production locations worldwide and is present on all continents. The original Audi emblem was created in 1932 and is referred to by the company as “the most renowned rings in the world – aside from the Olympic rings.” Each ring stands for one of the four independent vehicle companies that came together to form Auto Union AG in Saxony during the Great Depression: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. The “inseparable oneness of the four founder companies” is symbolised by the logo.

By Anisha Sengupta

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