Biggest ever gold hiest worth 25 crores excecuted by a single man


A thief from Chhattisgarh planned and carried out Delhi’s largest known crime to date, valued at Rs. 25 crores, all by himself after robbing a jewellery store of gold, cash, and other valuables. But how did he accomplish that?The 75-year-old Umrao Singh Jewellers owners in Delhi’s Jangpura neighbourhood received the shock of their lives on Tuesday when they arrived to their business and discovered a theft of more than Rs 25 crore. According to the authorities, what at first appeared to be an operation by a cunning gang was actually the result of just one person.

This spectacular crime is said to have been carried out in the nation’s capital by Lokesh Srinivas, who has at least seven robbery charges against him.Earlier this month, Lokesh Srivas travelled alone by bus to Delhi before being detained by the Bilaspur Police on Friday morning. He conducted a reconnaissance, according to the police, and discovered that his intended victim, Umrao Jewellers in the Bhogal neighbourhood, was closed on Mondays. Around eleven o’clock on Sunday, September 24, he broke into the store from a nearby building.




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