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BMC Engages 5 More Vehicles To Create Public Awareness On Covid-19

BMC Engages 5 More Vehicles To Create Public Awareness On Covid-19
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With growing numbers in daily cases, there should be more aware of this deadly virus. The Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation (BMC) has added five more vehicles, which will help to spread more awareness regarding COVID-19.

This decision was taken in order to create awareness for more testing and make people aware of the Coronavirus pandemic crises. The people should have the necessary information about how to deal with it as per the Government guidelines.

These vehicles will provide essential information, education, and communication (IEC) activity across the city.  With slogans like “MO SAPATHA, NUA ABHYASA,” the ten vehicles were decked up with appropriated branding.

The main aim is to spread the precautionary practice of COVID-19, such as using masks while going outside, maintain social distance, using sanitizers, frequently washing your hands, and no spitting at public places. The audio recording, which consists of all these points, is being played while the vehicles move around the city.  

According to BMC sources, two vehicles will be placed in the administrative zones, the other two will be placed at the Central office in Gautam Nagar, and two will be exclusively used at essential markets of the city to build more awareness activity.

The main area will be the slum areas as the awareness is much more necessary over there. The awareness camps are being held at several locations in the city as 67 ward officers organize community-based COVID awareness camps, 1,737 COVID ‘’sachetaks’’, 348 ‘’sachetak’’ mentors. 

B<C has already started Community-based activities like Interlacing Ward Sachetak Committees, Slum Committees, Resident Welfare Associations, Puja Committees, and public sector organizations.

Around 120 leaders of the Socially Bhubaneswar Project under the Smart City are also working for an enormous community-based awareness campaign during the pandemic.

These community-based activities are being organized for precautionary measures on COVID-19, prompting testing, encouraging the public, and helping the people undergoing home quarantine/isolation.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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