BMC-Mandatory institutional quarantine for returnees from hotspot districts

BMC-Mandatory institutional quarantine for returnees from hotspot districts

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By – Sushree Sangeeta

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner has said those arriving in the state capital from hotspot districts will have to be quarantined. Those arriving in slums from hotspot regions will also have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine.

“We have a new challenge today in the shape of returnees from hotspot districts who are testing positive for COVID-19. Till today we didn’t have orders to quarantine them but it was decided today on 26th June and an order has been issued that at least in slum areas those returning from hotspot districts where case numbers are high will not be allowed to go for home quarantine,” said Chaudhary addressing a press conference from the Geeta Govinda Sadan here today.

Such returnees having asymptomatic can affect many others as social distancing is practically not possible in slum areas because of small houses and high population density.

“Therefore, we have decided that people arriving from hotspot districts have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine and home quarantine will not be allowed in slum areas from today onwards. They will be kept in institutional quarantine,” he added.

The BMC Commissioner further said that slum committees have been constituted and transit homes have been created for discharged patients.

House to house survey is being done to identify the vulnerable people and the Sachetak’ App also has been launched for the senior citizens.

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