Budget Reaction of Hon’ble Chief Minister

by Sayak

The state budget for 2022-23 presented today is a progressive, pro-poor, and development-oriented Budget.The budget has increased to Rs.2 lakh crore and the Programme Budget to Rs.1 lakh crore.

The priority of the Budget is to create quality healthcare facilities and quality education, including school transformation, life, and livelihoods, women empowerment as well as infrastructure development. Capital spending will increase by more than 56%, which will foster growth.

A separate Budget for Mission Shakti with the allocation of Rs.2000 crore will further deepen our engagement with 70 lakh women of our State. Our initiative to create a “Budget Stabilization Fund” will help mitigate any future revenue shock.

The budget aligns with our transformational agenda under “5T” and “Mo Sarkar”. I hope this Budget will meet the aspiration of the people of the State.

By Dibyajit Sahu, Group Editor, Interview Times

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