Case of Dowry Murder in Odisha

by Subhechcha Ganguly

On Sunday, New Year’s Day, a woman was discovered dead in her in-laws’ home in Podapada village, Motanga police jurisdiction, Dhenkanal district, under strange circumstances.Saharika Mahakud’s body was discovered hanging in her in-laws’ home. Saharika came from the village of Bangurasingha. According to the deceased’s family relatives, she received electric shocks before having her body hung to a fan to make it appear as though she committed herself.

According to sources, Saharika married Ratikant Bhutia of Podapada village on July 7, 2021, and during the wedding, the bride’s family received money and other things as dowry.Ratikant and his family allegedly started abusing Saharika after the wedding in order to get her to pay additional money. Saharika was discovered hanging from a fan inside the house on Sunday when everyone was busy celebrating the New Year.Her relatives claimed that the murder was pre-planned and related to dowry.

My daughter was being tortured by them. I came here to attend my grandson’s 21st birthday celebration. She would receive criticism and insults from the entire family. By shocking her with electricity, they have electrocuted her. I want my daughter to receive justice. For killing my daughter, I want them to answer for it, said Saharika’s mother Jharana Mahakud.The charges have been denied by Saharika’s husband and in-laws, though. “I’m at a loss for words at this time. I’m stunned. Her suicide was by hanging. Saharika’s mother-in-law Champa Bhutia asserted, “We weren’t tormenting her. A probe was ongoing, according to SDPO Suryamani Pradhan when contacted. “We have received a newlywed couple’s murder case involving dowry. Based on the victim’s family’s concerns, we have filed a case. In the probe, a scientific team has been put to work. A post-mortem has been requested for the body. The investigation is ongoing, and after the post-mortem findings are received, the reason of death will be determined, according to Pradhan.

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