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CBI’s ‘Operation Chakra’ against cyber enabled crime

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

More than 105 locations throughout the country are the subject of searches by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Raids are being undertaken at locations owned by the accused who are involved in cybercrime. The entire operation is known as “Operation Chakra” according to the CBI.

The FBI and Interpol sent information to the agency, according to reports, about the alleged computer enabled crime. In order for the state police to assist them in the search operation, the CBI organized teams and also alerted them. At 87 locations, the CBI is handling the investigation on its own, while the state police are in charge at the other locations.

According to the source, they have located a place in Rajasthan where the accused were operating a phony contact center and have collected around Rs 1.5 crore in cash and 1.5 kilogram of gold from there. There were two additional call centers shut down in Pune and Ahmedabad. The accused used to phone citizens of the US and the UK and con them. Digital gadgets and incriminating papers have been collected by the CBI from the call centers.


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