Lipsa Behura. Is an artist and a learner who makes art and craft from waste. She adds creativity and meaningfulness to the waste material whereas upcycling is her passion.

  1. How did you plan to initiate a very new idea ‘Beyond Waste’?

So I started as a hobby. In my school days, I used to make art and craft a lot but with time and a busy schedule, I quit those things. But in lockdown, I started again art and craft that too with some waste material that’s how beyond waste was formed.

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  1. What is the motto behind ‘Beyond waste’?

And the motto behind beyond waste is definitely as the name suggests beyond waste when you see things beyond waste it’s more than waste the best thing so the motto behind beyond waste is to up cycling those things and make them more sustainable and eco-friendly to gifting an industry.

  1. What sort of work a customer can be provided from ‘Beyond waste’?

Beyond waste, it’s more like a gifting solution but a which is more to Sustainability and handmade thing so any kind of gifting solutions if someone is looking and more conscious about Sustainability upcycling then beyond waste it’s definitely not a solution for that so we catered a wide range of gifting items handmade stuff letters, papers everything that is a made using waste and that is up cycled so giving someone something which is more meaningful rather than adding carbon _ to the world so through beyond waste this give more sustainable and which have more reasons.

  1. If a person chooses this profession on a full-time note being, is it worth it?

Art and craft is something which is always a question arises about making a career in it and sustain at than its an artist choice and if you want to persuade a career through art and craft so it’s not quite easier I’ll say but it’s not difficult to sustain its a choice completely so if art and craft which make you happy and its purpose which makes you happy you should definitely go for it.

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  1. What will you say to all the start-up brands who are starting their career with new ideas?

And I would love to see the start-up plan who has started into new ideas it’s always the idea and that how we see the idea and how we implement the idea that’s it so whatever you like you do means life is all about taking chances so you like something if you want to start something then do it rather than regretting in later that I thought something to start a new thing but I couldn’t do it so it’s all about to take chances and its beautiful. The journey is beautiful I’ll say that

  1. How do you feel talking to The Interview Times?

And thank you so much interview times and for giving me this opportunity to express myself so I’m genuinely very grateful that I could express myself here so thank you.

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