Taking a dip in the world of suspense and Thriller

In Conversation with Author of Chimaera - Navin Reuben Dawson

by Subhechcha Ganguly
  1. Every writer has a special start to their writing journey. Tell us something about your experience on how you started writing?

Indeed, I had never aspired to be a writer from the beginning or while I was pursuing my graduation. But when I started reading books, I realized there was so much the world was not aware of, on ancient technology, their sophisticated science, their wisdom, and everything in between that was lost to time or never spoken about or hidden from the common man’s knowledge on purpose. And then it all happened on a fine afternoon, when I woke up from my power nap (That I usually take every day to reinvigorate myself) with a realization that I must present that knowledge to the world.


  1. How did you plan the plot of the book “The Lost Arcanum”?


I have a systematic approach towards creating plot for book. It could be for “The Lost Arcanum” or for any of my upcoming for that matter. A concoction that needs to have an eclectic mix of suspense, thrill, mystery, and mind-bending facts that all needs to be incorporated in right proportion and told in a specific timeline. For “The Lost Arcanum”, the plot was long and complex though, as it was first book that needed to introduce and flesh out certain characters, protagonist specifically that would continue to have scope in the future books.


  1. You might have noticed that day by day, the youth of today is more into ebooks than hardcopies. The reading habit is also getting lost. What do you have to say on this?


Ans: In my opinion, with changing times, our perspective on the youth and their way of consuming content of the books or anything on the media should be receptive. But yes, I’m afraid they would miss on tangible aspect of holding a physical copy, the thrill of leafing through the pages, savoring the smell wafting from it. While on the reading habit, I’m certain no matter what other means of entertainment might engulf today’s youth, they still can’t miss the insights or information they wouldn’t get it from anywhere but from the books.


4. Have you ever faced a creativity block? Or are there times when you as a writer feel you lack creativity? What do you do in such a case?


Ans: Indeed, I never faced a creativity block. In fact, it won’t be wrong if I say that “Creativity block/Or a writer’s block” is an alien term to me. As a writer, I don’t think one should ever feel they lack creativity as it could stifle their potential from realizing to its fullest.  When I sit for writing, I ensure my mind is at peace, full of thoughts that keeps popping out, as if it’s been channeled from an inexhaustible source from somewhere within the deepest recess of my potent mind.


  1. You do prefer writing stories on ancient and arcane knowledge. Tell us how much research goes into it and how do you manage the time?

Ans: I prefer writing content that is ancient in its origin, arcane in nature, never told or discussed before. With such heavy content in plan, there goes mammoth effort in researching the information and the responsibility to justify the content also surmounts. I begin writing when all the information required is available so that it does not hinder me from making significant progress, though certain nuggets of info keep falling into the plot here and there once the basic flow of the story is established. Time- management has never been a problem to be either. I write whenever I find time. It could be in the morning, or noon, evening or at night. Although, my mind is at its full potential at night.

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