China Says Shared All Data With Who To Probe Covid Origin, Reacted To India


China informed that all the data and analyses have been shared with the experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) tracing the origin of the Coronavirus and also stated that it is ready to continue working with the global experts to jointly study and analyze the data.

As per the official report the joint study group of the World Health Organisation and China to trace the origin of Covid-19 releases a report which flagged that more data will be available to the investigators by Beijing.

After the report was released India had demanded a comprehensive and expert-led mechanism to expeditiously investigate the origin of coronavirus. Even the US, the UK, and several other countries have also voiced their concerns over the findings.

While reacting to the demand of Indian, China stated that they had twice invited WHO experts for the study of the origin of Covid-19 and offered necessary facilitation for the team’s work, fully demonstrating its openness, transparency, and responsible attitude. Even the joint study group tracing the origin of Covid-19 has unanimously agreed that the allegation of a ‘lab leak’ is extremely unlikely.

The report further informed that the experts of the joint mission who are working to find out the origin of the virus made field trips to several institutions which include the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, besides visiting the biosafety laboratories, and had in-depth and candid exchanges with the experts there.

As per the experts, the virus may have been spread in places other than China early on, and a global perspective is needed to carry out the origin-tracing work. The report also proposes multiple tasks to be conducted worldwide and they hope that the relevant countries can cooperate with the WHO expert mission in an open, transparent and responsible manner like China did.

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