Obama pens down RaGa as a nervous and unformed quality, critics react


Seems like RaGa can’t have a sigh of relief. Just a day after the humiliating defeat at the Bihar elections, Rahul Gandhi has again made his way to the Twitter trending stories. But this time for something he wasn’t a part of. Curious? So here it is.

In the memoir tilted ‘A Promised Land’, Former President of the United States Barack Obama has made an interesting appraisal of Congress Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi. In the memoir, Obama has described Gandhi as a student who in a bid to impress the teacher does everything possible, but amidst all this lacks the aptitude and passion to master the subject. In terms of politics, Obama has taken a dig at Gandhi highlighting that he has a dearth of mastering the art of politics.

The subtle critic comes just days after the strong old party’s disturbing defeat in the recently concluded Bihar elections. Many of the star leaders of the party have openly condemned Gandhi’s incompetence in managing the party performance as a result of which Congress could grab hold of only 19 seats out of the 70 seats it contested for. Not only the Congress Party suffered huge disappointment, but also had to take the entire blame in pulling down the ‘Mahagathbandhan’.

While there are mixed opinions of the twitteratis on the topic, yet many have also supported the fact that it is no secret that Rahul Gandhi has time and again proved to be the weakest player of the Congress clan. Many political critics have also highlighted the fact that Rahul Gandhi lacks the capability to lead the Congress party upfront. While the results of the elections speak in loud tone about this, many party leaders who quit, have also cited the same reasons.

The autobiography by Obama is reviewed to be more of a political satire than a personal affair. The memoir deals with Obama’s tenure as the President of the United States of America and excerpts of his life where he describes abut his teenage years. In addition to this, Obama has also talked about the recently concluded US elections, Joe Biden’s victory and out his VPs.

Rahul Gandhi’s mother and President of the Indian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi has also been talked about in the book. Obama has gladly mentioned that there are very few instances when the beauty of women such as that of Sonia Gandhi has been brought to the public domain for discussion, while the handsomeness of men like Charlie Christ and Rahm Emanuel is always the talk of the town. Former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, Former US Secretary of Defence Bob Gates and President of Russia Vladimir Putin have also found reference in the memoir.

The memoir which consists of 768 pages is expected to hit the floors on November 17 and will open the curtains on Obama’s childhood, his political career, and his presidential tenure.

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