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Coping with cyberbullying during the lockdown

Coping with cyberbullying during the lockdown

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increase in the count of kids, teens and adult using the digital platform for entertainment. Since the schools and educational institutions have been shut down for the time being, online education has been availed by them. 

We have students being educated online through various sites such as Zoom, WebEx, Google Classroom assignments, Moodle, Minecraft for homeschooling and Microsoft Office 365 Home Schooling pilot program.

There are fears that the students who are prone to bullying might switch to cyberbullying with the increase in usage of smartphones and social media

According to the American Adolescent Psychiatric Association, “stress and mental health conditions may be exacerbated by cyber bullying, particularly among those who have experienced emotional abuse”. 

Although cyber bullying has already been rooted for a long period of time, now that we are living in unprecedented times and when people get bored or jealous they would like to hide behind a screen, flinging dirt at others without knowing how mentally disturbing it could be. 

Among high school students, 15.5 per cent are cyberbullied and 20.2 per cent are bullied on school property Centre for Disease Control, 2017.

The percentage of individuals who have experienced cyberbullying at some point in their lifetimes have nearly doubled (18 per cent to 34 per cent) from 2007-2016 Patchin & Hinduja.

Popular website applications like Zoom have already come under fire when hackers infiltrated online business meetings with rude, hateful, and inappropriate comments.

Consequently, if Zoom makes it easy for people to intrude on private conversations and cyberbullying others, there is certainly the growing possibility that kids are going to be using these resources and others in much the same way.

Make sure you keep close tabs on what is happening in your online learning environments including discussion groups and online meetings related to your class.

Ask students to keep you informed if people are bullying others or making inappropriate remarks. Request screenshots or recordings when possible to help determine what is happening. This way, you can wish away abusive conduct.

Article Written By Ompriya Sahoo

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