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Corona Scare: Maharashtra to Stop Airline Services between Delhi and Mumbai in Coming Days


Looking at the ever-increasing Covid-19 cases in Delhi comes out Corona Scare, the Maharashtra government is considering shutting down the airline services between Delhi and Mumbai. It is believed that not only the airline service, but also the ongoing rail service between the two states can be stopped. Maharashtra’s government may take a big decision in this matter soon.

 Apparently, on the one hand, work is being done to restore the industrial system by eliminating lockdown in the whole country, but since the last few days, the Government of Maharashtra is worried about the way people have died due to Coronavirus, and therefore taking precautionary steps towards reducing its effect or preventing the spread of coronavirus in the state.

The death toll from Coronavirus in Delhi has crossed 8,000. In the last 24 hours, 98 other patients have lost their lives. In the festive season, the coronavirus outbreak was seen again in Delhi. The death toll has risen to 8,041 with 98 deaths.

Earlier on Wednesday, 131 people died in Delhi. It is also the new record of cases of death from Corona in one day in the capital. Earlier, in the Health Bulletin issued by the Delhi Government on November 12, 104 people died in 24 hours.

Besides, the Maharashtra government has also decided to close all schools under the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) by 31 December.

The Maharashtra government had earlier scheduled to open schools from ninth to twelfth from November 23, but now due to Coronavirus, it has decided to remain closed till December 31. BMC states that all schools under BMC’s jurisdiction will remain closed and this decision is a precautionary measure and has been taken keeping in mind the current Covid19 situation.

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