The art and science of “Ortho”

Insights from a well known ortho doctor


Dr Jitendra kumar Rout currently working as senior consultant and assistant prof Ortho and spine surgery KIMS Superspeciality Hospital bbsr. He is trained in advanced spine surgery from many reputed centres of India and abroad . He has done fellowship in spine surgery from sir Gangaram hospital New Delhi. He is also trained from Malaya university, Malayasia. He is Executive Comitte member of Association of spine surgeons of India.He was the Organising Secretary of first International Spine conference held in Odisha where more than 500 national and international Spine Surgeons participated.He is the current secretary of Spine Society of Odisha.

He runs an NGO called Rani Rout Foundation which works on Affordable holistic healthcare, Rural education and Rural Employment. Besides he is a member of many national and international body and organisation and involves himself in lot of social activities

Orthopaedic is a speciality which combines medical surgical biomechanics and engineering skill.Significant portion of population suffer pain from orthopaedic problem which can be get corrected with immediate result ,which gives a lot of satisfaction.

Orthopaedic surgeons may face ethical dilemmas, conflicts of interest, or challenges to their autonomy and integrity in their work environment.

Patient satisfaction and outcomes. how well they are meeting their patients’ needs and expectations, as well as how well they are improving their patients’ quality of life and function.Professional reputation and recognition.

In India, orthopaedic training covers the general aspects of orthopaedics and trauma, with limited exposure to subspecialties such as paediatric orthopaedics, spine surgery, arthroplasty, arthroscopy, etc. The fellowship opportunities are also scarce and not well regulated. In abroad orthopaedic training allows for more specialization and subspecialization in various fields of orthopaedics. The fellowship opportunities are also more abundant and structured.

My NGO name is Rani Rout Foundation – which symbolises a mother and work for the key area currently the rural India faces. Affordable Holistic Healthcare,Rural Education, Rural Employment.

Sometimes the patient actually comes with a decision to get operated as advices by a colleague . But after examining I found that he can be cured by medication

A keen sense of anatomy and biomechanics and how they relate to the function and movement of the musculoskeletal system
A compassionate and empathetic attitude towards patients who are suffering from pain, disability, or trauma
A lifelong commitment to learning and staying updated on the latest advances and innovations in orthopaedic surgery

Dealing with administrative or bureaucratic tasks that take time away from patient care or research

Prepare yourself for a long and rigorous academic and clinical training that will require dedication, perseverance, and resilience . Seek mentorship and guidance from experienced orthopaedic surgeons who can inspire you, support you, and challenge you

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