Covid induces uncertainty over exams, adds to students’ plight

Covid induces uncertainty over exams

Four months after the life-threatening Covid-19 pandemic struck us, we are still wrestling with its pernicious consequences. The pandemic is wreaking havoc in every sector, putting brakes to economic growth and development.

Similarly, the pandemic has landed the country’s education system into the worst nightmare it has ever faced. Disrupting the normal academic schedule and uncertainty of examination has impacted up to a huge extent to the sector, curtailing the future endeavours of millions of students in darkness.

Schools, colleges, and varsities have been shut down since March to cut the transmission chain of the deadly virus. Taking a dip into the present situation, there is no such possibility to reopen the institutions in the coming months, which again contributes to significant mental stress and social stigma to the students, and parents.

While many institutions have started completing their courses through virtual teaching (through video conferencing) many are optimistic that the virus will wane soon, contributing to the normalcy again.

Millions of students are worried as their examination is being halted due to the pandemic. Delay in examination leads to delay in results, which again contributes to the plight of those innocent scholars who are in pursuit of attaining their higher education goals. The UGC (University Grants Commission) has issued a detailed guideline to safely conduct the exams in a phased manner before 30th September 2020.

UGC, in a letter sent out to all varsities, clarified that social distancing norms and adequate sanitation should be done while conducting exams. It also said that all furniture like desk, bench, and chairs should be properly sanitized fully after each session and each paper.

The entire examination centre, including floors, doors, and windows should be sprayed with disinfectants sprayers. The UGC also made wearing of masks compulsory around the centre premises, and the exam centre staff is advised to use fresh masks and gloves before interacting with students.

The commission also advised to provide a self- declaration of the health status of all members, staff and relevant persons who will be indulging during the exam functions, and also, they are required to undergo thermal scans.

Many universities opted for online mode of examination too which is again open book examination or promoting on the basis of the internal and practical examination marks.

Currently, the most worrisome perspective for the students is getting fully informed about the mode and pattern of the examinations they are going to face, as this is going to be a new normal for them.

The onus of each and every University here is to conduct a free and fair means of examination, leaving no fiasco behind, as every student deserves this as an educational fundamental right, and none of them should be barred or left out to do so.

Article Written By Abinash Sahu

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