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Covid shadow over the dawn of a new decade

With 13.7 million confirmed cases and counting every minute, this global pandemic – COVID-19– has halted the lifestyle of people around the world. The impact it is causing is tremendous and further results could be unthinkable, that shouldn’t be doubted.

Every section of the society has to deal with the uncertainty it is bringing – from the immigrant labourers to white-collar employees, from the common public to the government bureaucrats, from students to job aspirants and so on. The youth of our nation – as per Census 2011- constitutes one-fifth (19.1%) of the total population.

There have been massive job losses, over 122 million people, of which over 2.7 crore includes that of youngsters, says CMIE data. And, there would be even more youngsters than those who could have joined some work but have still remained to be an aspirant this summer, all thanks to this massive outbreak.

Imagine the numbers that would be present to go out and prove themselves to the world after the global pandemic is taken under arrest! The adrenaline that would be flowing to come out would not be the same.

The urge to fulfil the thirst would be different. There would certainly be a different atmosphere. Normalcy would strike over some period of time, but like every other major event, the normal would be different.

And hence there’s a need for the aspirants to be ready to deal with the new normal aftermath of the global pandemic. The nationwide lockdown has shown us the shift of cultural mindset that we carry.

The youngsters, in their quest of achieving their dreams, have to break some traditional belief and adapt to the evolving technology of online meetings, workshops, conferences and classes.

That digital platform is going to be very basic in the coming times, can well be sensed with the investment coming from Facebook and Google in Jio Platforms. Machine Learning, Blockchain, Crypto-currency, 5G, Big Data, AI, Cloud, AWS and so on are the very niche of the Industrial Revolution 4.0; something that we are going to be surrounded by every minute, hence the need to cope with it.

The post-COVID period would not only shift our focus towards digitization but it would also make us look after our hygiene. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance would penetrate into our routine, which we have neglected for a stretch till now.

The flexibility in working hours, without compromising the productivity, will carry the trend-forward as we should be ready to deliver it. Our basic day to day functions is going to alter post-pandemic times.

We have come to realize that we can survive happily with the minimum spending and when savings would pile up, they could be well invested in health or higher returns.

Those evening tobacco consumption urges or to have the weekend alcoholic beverages aren’t a part of our life, it has been understood. A healthy life is always a wealthy life- this is a universal truth.

Two decades of the twenty-first century have passed. In the second decade, the world witnessed the emergence and growth of social media and is still continuing. Smart devices are coming to our doors.

With the internet reaching every corner day by day, the government initiatives also aim for the same through Make in India programmes, we have started to influence ourselves at the hands of the technology.

The COVID-19 can be the dusk or the hour before the dawn of the third decade that has come, it’s upon us. Challenges and opportunities will come hand in hand; so we need to be ready for the sunrise to happen. Without a doubt, the new normal would take place, but there would be no new if we won’t cope up well.

Article Written By Nimai Ranjan Bibhar 

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