Cutting-edge Logistic Luminary-Mr. Khalid khan CMD-PPPL

Mr Khalid khan earned his reputation as a trailblazer, made his imprint on the logistics industry


An eminent personality “Mr Khalid Khan” in the industry of logistics and the words “innovation,” “efficiency,” and “transformative change” are often associated with him. Over the course of a long career, Mr. Khalid Khan innovative leadership has elevated his business to the top of the sector and changed the way that items are delivered, stored, and moved. His keen perceptions of cutting-edge technology and uncompromising dedication to sustainability have not only simplified operations but also raised the bar for environmental responsibility in the logistics industry.

He has taken his organisation to new heights and established a new bar for the entire logistics industry with his relentless dedication to effectiveness, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Mr. Khalid Khan’s position as a trailblazer has been cemented by his strategic acumen, ability to foresee industry trends, and capacity to adapt to changing technology.

In addition to his financial intelligent, he is a proponent of ethical behaviour and encourages his colleagues to include sustainability into their operations.

By developing new paths, Mr Khalid khan earned his reputation as a trailblazer, made his imprint on the logistics industry, and established himself as a real authority in the sector.

Given the distance I’ve travelled, I firmly think that diligence and integrity are essential to the development of any business. The journey began in Oman in 1982, where he worked for Petroleum Development of Oman, a government organisation that handled logistics. His expertise in logistics has been recognised by the Sultanate of Oman.

Then, in 1987, he began working as a senior executive/logistics for a prestigious stevedoring business, M/s E.C.Bose & Co. Pvt Ltd., in Port Paradip. Later, the firm’s name was changed to M/s Ripley & Co., and it is currently a second-ranking corporation at Port Paradip. Driven by the desire to accomplish something on his own, Mr Khalid Khan began taking on part-time transport work with Tata Steel, which gave him the experience & exposure he needed to pursue positions requiring considerably greater ability. Here, he jumped into the transportation of limestone from Paradip to Jamshedpur in 1993, logistics provider at Tata Steel/Sukinda Works in 1996, and then intra-port transport provider to numerous exporters & importers at Port Paradip.


Can you provide an overview of your company’s key services and areas of operation?

Our firm, paradeep parivah pvt ltd, is situated in the paradeep port and is mainly an expert in logistics. We have been launched in ports as excavators, cargo handlers, service providers, and as importers and exporters of bulk cargo. We have a tonne of our own equipment that we first introduced in Paradeep, like volvo v loaders in 1989, and from that point on, the city was very slow in the logistics field because of its limited capacity. However, by 2000, that capacity had increased by 10 times, and this is the mechanisim we introduced in the port of Paradeep, where we introduced the most up-to-date tools for greater productivity and once productivity increases, importers and exporters will unquestionably benefit from cost savings. As a result, we reduced costs by implementing our own equipment in the paradeep port and using our expertise in this process. These activities in the port were all carried out on behalf of our company, Paradeep Parivahaan.

In the beginning, when oswal chemicals & fertilisers ltd came at paradeep port, we had a plan in mind to grow both the local community and the port. We also worked with the fertiliser firm. When oswal Chemicals & Fertilisers arrived, we gave them a plan and asked them to assist with the reclamation of the land. We also assured them that we would bring the best foreign company, which would finish the work with the aid of dredging in a year rather than the other companies’ which take three years, and that the cost would also be reduced. This is because we will accomplish it using a better manual way because the conventional approach is costly and time-consuming. Abhya Oswal , the owner of oswal was able to understand the concept.

The coal terminal in Paradeep Port was first established in 1996. Paradeep Port then hired the Dutch company Boskalis Dredging to drain 3.5 million cubic metres of sand and clear the area. This is where we initially established up the equipment and used as our first business model before taking on the task of land reclamation. When iffco entered the market, we entered into a contract with them for heavy machinery and the processing of raw materials within the plant.

The fertilizer Plant IFFCO both at Port side & at Plant with all the equipment & skilled manpower, he has taken up the transportation of fertilizer from Paradip to Dhanmandal , by which the supply chain has gone double for IFFCO while the costing has come down to bare minimum level . This all is possible with breaking the bastion of 3 nos of local transport unions, who with monopoly charging very high while restricting entry of fleet into the system. Mr. Khalid Khan has taken it as a challenge to change the entire system by accepting the cargo bulk from the Plant instead bagged by own fleet, got same bagged at his own go-down, load & transport with his own fleet to Dhanmandal where the Platform is prepared to load Rakes to different destinations cutting down the costs of Road transport. The production & supply chain thus gone up from 1 Lac / month to 2 lac / month, giving Plant its share of profit and farmers, their share of fertilizer

We have been working with iffco for more than 15 years along with working with them in the logostic section. Our main ability is accepting challenges in a way that ensures no one loses and creates a win-win situation for everyone.


How does your company stay competitive and innovative in such a rapidly changing field?

Every company’s greatest asset is its team and trusted employees, and I am proud of my team because they are committed to the business. One of them is Mr. Pravat Kumar Nandi, the company director, who has worked continuously in the fields and consistently given his all.We formed an internal team, so we didn’t need to acquire outside talent. My cousin, Mr. Afaque Khan, oversees important company operations, and a number of other family members work for the firm. With the assistance of every member of our family, we created a core group of professionals. We think it’s important to have a strong foundation since markets fluctuate, but if we do, we can manage the situation. We’re glad to state that our foundation is robust thanks to our in-house staff. With the assistance of our core staff, we expanded the company to Paradeep, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh. From there, we worked in international locations like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Dubai and established a success story.


Could you share some insights into your company’s approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility?

 Our firm specialises in logistics, and we always utilise new and recycled machinery and equipment because outdated machinery has a negative impact on the environment due to smoke production and other issues like increased fuel usage. We have a professional mechanical crew that continuously checks for problems, determines when to junk the equipment, and makes decisions.We have helped the forest department buy products from plantations using the money we have collected via our work there. We have done this in Madhya Pradesh, and we soon want to expand our work to Odish as well.


How does your company manage risk and ensure the security of shipments, especially in international logistics?

Every company depends on your level of confidence and expertise, and there is always a risk involved, in my opinion.And we always focus on calculative risk because it gives you the ability to get out of a difficult situation if you deal with calculative risk.The most important point is that taking risks is a need for doing business. In my own experience, if you are committed, diligent, and have an organised strategy, you will eventually see results.


How do you see the future of logistics, and what trends do you anticipate shaping the industry ?

Without logistics, there will be no future for countries since logistics plays a crucial function, and since it is such a large field, I feel that nothing will ever cease working in logistics. If you look at the globe as a whole, logistics has a very bright future, yet our nation is 35 years behind.Our nation has made great strides, but I think we still need more resources and infrastructure to do even greater things.The reason is that you will encounter several obstacles and circumstances during logistics that you won’t encounter in nations in Europe.

The main issue in the logistical field is that newcomers who lack experience and knowledge compete for projects but eventually fail, and businesses fail to honour their commitments because they were unable to properly manage risk and calculate the consequences. Additionally, we have a strong commitment to completing our promises, which has helped our business gain a solid reputation.


Could you discuss any initiatives your company has undertaken to improve efficiency and reduce waste in your logistics operations?

The firm has a lot of work to do in order to halt the waste. We are adopting new tools and technologies that will improve our output and enable us to reduce costs.You need manpower, brainpower, and the newest tools in today’s world if you want to start a business in logistics. These things will help you stay in business.


 In a rapidly changing industry, how do you envision the future of logistics and how is your company preparing for it ?

Because we made system improvements and we are following the trend, our company is well prepared for the upcoming challenge. The businesses we work with are quite satisfied with our services, and we are far less expensive than our primary competition in terms of price. We have good bosst and a brand value thanks to our performance, network, and relationships.We are putting out our absolute best effort. Moreover, we recently received a call from the Bombay Stock Exchange asking us to list our firm.

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Sanjay Singh August 18, 2023 - 2:41 pm

PPPL has cross functional expertise in providing integrated logistics solution to large companies. I have experienced through my engagement of PPPL that they take complete ownership, accountability, trust, transparency & work on not only executing their contract terms but also endeavour to add immense value to the entire supply chain. Their team is available 24×7 & extend their full cooperation & deploy addl resources, without any questions, in case of sudden emergency for cargo. USP of PPPL is that they have possibly the highest fleet of equipments, dumpers & manpower which enable them to place without any time lag. They are asset to industries.

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