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Devotees Missing Bol Bam Yatra

Devotees Missing Bol Bam Yatra

Today is 2nd Monday(somvar) of Odia srawan month, all kanwariyas, devotees of lord shiv are disappointed for this COVID situation. Not only in Odisha but across India “Kanwar Yatra” banned by govt.

This time every year, thousands of devotees from across India, undertake the pilgrimage called `Kanwar Yatra. However, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no Kanwariyas this year around. coronavirus hits various religious celebrations across the world.

Pilgrimage, bol bom devotees from different corner of Odisha collect water from rivers and ponds they travel on barefoot in groups like 100 kilometres offer prayer at different shiv temple on every Monday, throughout this whole month.

Group travel makes them the courage to travel more with some good vibes and chanting ‘bol bom’ with bhajan and DJs.

The annual Shravani Mela (fair) at Baidyanath temple in Deogarh has also been denied permission this time on the order of Jharkhand High Court.

This covid-19 pandemic has extensive potential for spreading this virus in mass, so this all temples like load Lingaraj in Bhubaneswar, Dhabaleswar temple in Cuttack, Kapilash temple at Dhenkanal and Gupteswar temple at Koraput is strictly sealed.

According to the guidelines laid down by the State Government, all the religious sites and places of worship including temples are shut in the State till July 31.

Article Written By Sushree Sangeeta

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