Dhenkanal town shines with new wall paintings


The small town of Dhenkanal is considered as one of the most enthralling, and elegant town of the state which is full of lush greenery and surrounded by many hills. It is also the home to many tourist spots and needless to say it is regarded as one of the best tourist hub of the state. To enhance the beauty of the town, the local civic body has geared up and come up with the notion to paint the walls around the city. The painting works has been continuing since many days but it was paused due to the corona virus pandemic, but now when things are getting into track, the work for the same has been resumed.

The wall paintings have themes portraying the district’s culture, tradition and festivals. Skilled artists from all over the state are showcasing their creativity on the walls to bring out the masterpiece in them in form of wall paintings. From dawn to dusk, they are delivering their best to make those walls come live with their beautiful and realistic paintings.
The side walls from Bus-stand chowk to Ganesh Bazaar is already filled up with these stupendous artistic paintings, and currently the painting work is going on the walls of the government quarters near the Stadium area.

Along with various paintings of wildlife , urban and rural life across Odisha, Odia culture, the paintings are also depicting social messages and slogans like ‘your city is in your hand’, ‘save elephants’ and ‘keep your city clean’ are also being painted in the sense to aware the common citizens of the city.
“Thousands of people travel to Dhenkanal city on a daily basis in order to have a glimpse of its scenic beauties like Kapilash , Saptasajya and Joranda , these paintings across the roads will bring a new thought in the minds of those travelers”, said Sushanta Kumar Sahoo, a localite of Dhenkanal town.

Pratikshya Sahoo, a resident of Gandhi Mandir road said, “the new painting work is good as it would provide a better look to the city. But, the Municipality body should make efforts to maintain the paintings as well” she added.

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