District-Wise Unlock Decision After Review Of Covid-19 Situation In Odisha Says CBK Mohanty

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Till 30 June the partial lockdown process will be over but later whether the Odisha Government will continue with the same measures or not as till now the state is still witnessing high Covid-19 cases.

According to the reports, the Chief Professor at the Directorate of Medical Education and Training (DMET) CBK Mohanty stated that if the Covid-19 cases remained the same in some district then there is no question of lifting the partial lockdown restrictions. Similarly, if there is a significant drop in daily cases, steps will be taken for some relaxations in those districts.

He also stated that everything depends on the overall situation of Covid-19 at the district level in the state. There is no uniformity in the Covid-19 graph in the country or elsewhere in other parts of the world and few districts in the State are witnessing a declining trend in the daily Covid cases for some days and subsequent rise afterwards.

As there is a movement of the migrant population in large and costal districts including Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Balasore, it is attributing to the spike in Covid cases. The Health Department officials are focusing on four to five districts where the Covid-19 graph is high.

CBK Mohanty further informed that the unlock decision will be based on several parameters including TPR, the behaviour of people and compliance to Covid protocols, among others. Even the one who was detected with the Delta plus variant has now recovered while a detailed investigation is going on to find out whether there is Delta plus variant infection in others who came in his contact.

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