Diwali Celebrated in Madhya Pradesh’s Bageshwar Dham with great pomp and grandeur

The presence of Acharya Dhirendra Krishna Shastri brought immense happiness to the visitors


There are several ways of celebrating the Festival of lights Diwali , but Gurukripa in this auspicious day of Diwali adds so much meaning to one’s life. From 9th to 13th , it was a wonderful festive season for  the devotees of Bageshwar Dham as Pujya Gurudev Acharya Dhirendra Krishna Shastri was present in the Dham. Starting from the Divya Darbar that acts as a help to thousands of devotees , to the Diwali  Pujan  on 11th and 12th, there were thousands of people in the Dham who came from several parts of the country to double their happiness in the festive season.

The best part about this place is that the management is wonderful irrespective of the immense crowd . What catches more attention is its nature of giving as Bageshwar Dham is a place which takes away all the sorrows of people who have faith in Balaji at absolutely free of cost (Nishulk). 

During the Diwali celebrations diyas were lit lighting up the entire place ,prasad was distributed to the devotees who came to the place and the Darshan of Pujya Gurudev added so much colour to the entire celebration. When Guruji was addressing the crowd during Choti Diwali he also motivated the people not to look towards the past,but to keep putting constant efforts to improve one’s life in the present and future.

After the Diwali celebrations all the Sevaks of Bageshwar Dham were given a token of love from Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. In this occasion , Pujya Gurudev’s brother Shri Shaligram ji, Beloved Sevak Nishu Maharaj Ji and the Owner of KJS Cement  Shri Ahluwaliya Ji was present with his entire family.

Let us know a bit about Bageshwar Dham and the miraculous power of Balaji , Sanyasi Baba ,Dada Guruji and Acharya Dhirendra Krishna Shastri who has done immense Tapasya to make the place so sacred and lively as it is today.

A bit about the wonderful place

Swayambhu Hanuman ji’s (Swayambhu – created on its own accord) divinity has made “Bageshwar Dham,” which is situated in the Madhya Pradesh village of Gadha in the Chhatarpur district, popular both domestically and internationally. Lakhs of people consider Bageshwar Dham to be a heavenly place where one might receive Balaji Maharaj’s blessings only by darshan. Here, Balaji Maharaj uses an application to hear about your issue and obtains a remedy from Pujya Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Ji Maharaj, the Dham’s Peethadhishwar, also known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar.

Bageshwar Dham ensures that no one sleeps hungry with Annapurna Rasoi

Hunger is  a dire problem in today’s time .  Pujya Gurudev has ensured that no visitor to the Dham go hungry, which is why the Dham launched Annapurna Rasoi, where free food is served to thousands of people every day and to lakhs of people on Tuesday through Saturday.  What makes Annapurna Rasoi unique is that all of the arrangements are made with the amount of donation and the participation of half of the Chadotri visiting the Dham. 

Picture Credits : Subhechcha Ganguly

And Bageshwar Dham Official Instagram Channel


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