Does the Tribal Population in India have access to proper communication facilties

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Forget about 4G; there are no 3G services available either. The only BSNL mobile tower in the Panchayat offers 2G speed internet, and only in a few select locations.The villagers in Kandhamal, Odisha, are still having trouble finding a reliable internet connection so they can take advantage of government programmes at a time when the nation is transitioning from 4G to 5G technology in telecommunication.

A Common Service Center (Jana Seva Kendra) in Kendugudasahi’s woods under the Balandapada Panchayat of Kandhamal speaks volumes about the appalling condition of affairs. Forget about 4G; there aren’t even 3G services in the neighbourhood. The Panchayat’s lone BSNL mobile tower only offers 2G internet service in a few select locations.

In order to do their official tasks, the locals, who are primarily tribals, must rely on two pretty innovative youths. Every day, the young people who administer the panchayat’s Common Service Center must look for an internet connection in the bush. They set up a tent, turn on their laptops wherever they can get a solid connection, and soon enough, locals are encircling them in search of job. Balandapada resident Jamuna Digal stated, “We are required to rush to and from the bush often for work. Every service provided by the government is now available online, but they forgot to give us access to the internet.

“The young couple must put up with this on a regular basis in order to offer the area government services. Additionally, the government is not doing any action to improve their situation “the native claimed.Rashmiranjan Pradhan, one of the young people in charge of the common service centre, said, “We are fighting every day to get an internet connection. We worry about dying. In this jungle, there are many different animals. We cannot exclude out that they might attack.

While some users are able to understand the poor internet connection, others are unable to and get combative with the support centre staff when they are unable to complete their work on time.

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