Donald Trump Signs Relief And Spending Package For COVID-19 Into Law


US President Donald Trump has signed a coronavirus relief and spending package bill into law, averting a partial government shutdown. He earlier refused to sign the bill while criticising wasteful spending and terming higher payouts to the people affected by the COVID pandemic.

As per the BBC report, the delay meant that millions temporarily lost unemployment benefits and Congress approved the relief package worth $900bn (£665bn) after months of negotiation. $2.3tn spending package is a part that includes $1.4tn for normal federal government spending.

Both Republican and Democratic Party lawmakers had been pleading with the president to sign it before a budget deadline. If he defers to do it, some government agencies would have had to close, unless legislators could pass a stopgap bill.

Image Courtesy : BBC

About 14 million Americans faced unemployment benefit payments and new stimulus cheques. But the Unemployment benefits will now be restored.

Earlier this month trump’s top economic adviser, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, had proposed the $600 payments due to which many questioned Donald why he waited so long to object.

Trump will be leaving the office on 20th January after losing the Presidential election to Joe Biden.

News Source : BBC

Article Written By Dikhya Mohanty

Image Source : Google

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