Dreaming With Her Eyes Open- Sushmi Nayak, MD Hot Mix Plant

Dreaming With Her Eyes Open- Sushmi Nayak, MD Hot Mix Plant

An inquisitive soul with a hardworking personality curves your path towards success. That’s what defines the career of Mrs Sushmi Nayak who is the MD of Hot Mix Plant– a production unit for bitumen which is used for the constructions of roads and bridges.

A true model of empowered women, Sushmi believes in humanity, kindness and charity with a compassionate heart. Her comforting voice and her childlike innocence also credit to her success. She is an embodiment of a true leader and an entrepreneur. 

Dreaming With Her Eyes Open- Sushmi Nayak, MD Hot Mix Plant
Dreaming With Her Eyes Open- Sushmi Nayak, MD Hot Mix Plant

Interview Times had a great opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with one of the stalwart entrepreneurs of Odisha- Mrs Sushmi Nayak.

Sushmi was never destined to be in the field of constructions. In fact, her liking was in a totally diverse sector. She was more into the fashion industry and aspired to have a career in it. She even got offers from Balaji Telefilms in the final years of her MBA. Sushmi also represented the eastern region in Pantaloons femina Miss India in 2008.

However, destiny inscribed something entirely different for her. She got married in the later years of her MBA days and was introduced into a family that was into the construction business. Apart from getting great love and affection from her in-laws, Sushmi with her inquisitive nature got to know a lot about the industry as well. It was her father-in-law who desired her to get in control of their family stone-crushing business, which they had failed to capitalize.

However, the sudden demise of her father-in-law and consequent market pressure on her husband led Sushmi to get in control of Hot Mix Plant, and the rest is history.

It’s quite a startling fact that a young lady, without any prior knowledge of a male-dominated sector, just through trial and error methods and experience, got successful in the field of bitumen. However, that’s what separates a leader from ordinary people. Also, it’s the constant guidance of her husband Sibu Kanungo and the love and support and freedom of her parents, to choose her career, is what shaped Sushmi to be a successful business woman.

A leader supports his/her team and is always proud of them. That’s exactly what Mrs Nayak does. She considers her team as her babies and their families as her extended family. Whether it be financial or personal issues, Sushmi is always there for serving out her team. She credits all her success to her hardworking and dedicated team and can do anything to keep them sparkling and fulfilled.

Dreaming With Her Eyes Open- Sushmi Nayak, MD Hot Mix Plant
Dreaming With Her Eyes Open- Sushmi Nayak, MD Hot Mix Plant

Sushmi Nayak loves to dream and advises the same to other women as well. For her, women are always empowered and are capable of doing multiple tasks with greater efficiency than men. However, she advises, every other woman never to crush their dream. It may be a fact that many women, due to the pressure of the patriarchal society, are forced to stay at home and look after the family. However, even in those situations, they can become an entrepreneur by staying and working at home. 

It’s just your dream, your will power and hard work that defines your life.

” At home, a woman can start making pickles and sell them in nearby houses. With this, they can be self-dependent, even after staying at home and taking care of their family. You see, there is always an option.”

Sushmi Nayak has even bigger dreams for her Hot Mix Plant. Within the next few years, she wants to start Organic farming in Odisha. It was a dream of her beloved father-in-law. More so, Sushmi herself is a patron of the Vocal for Local concept presented by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. 

Sushmi Nayak with her Kiddos
Sushmi Nayak with her Kiddos

It’s hard to believe, but even with such a tight work schedule, Sushmi finds time for herself. She devotes every Sunday to herself and her family. During some occasional free time, she loves to dance, read books and of course play with four of her cute doggie kiddos.

Sushmi Nayak is a true inspiration for millions of people who wish to become a leader in future.

Image Source- Sushmi Nayak Picture Wardrobe

Interview By – Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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