Electromagnetic Mask For COVID Protection

Electromagnetic Mask For COVID Protection

Educatee of Jadavpur University in Kolkata have made an electromagnetic mask that will have the potential to carry off any viruses even Sars-2, which causes COVID-19 infection, in closeness to the individual wearing it, an authority said.

The blueprint of the mask, made by the Instrumentation division, has been prepared yet production will be started simply after the endorsement of the concerned department of government, a senior college official, related with the task, said.”This face cover is self-chargeable,” he added.

This face cover will absolutely be more compelling than the three-layer careful veils right now accessible in the market.

This keen face cover can be utilized by a wide scope of individuals as a result of its straightforward component, self-propelled (reaping mechanical vitality from everyday exercises, for example breathing, talking, or other facial developments functionalities, and viable filtration productivity and consequently, it is relied upon to be conceivably gainful to hinder the overwhelming effect of COVID-19.

“The proposed mask is planned with multilayer assurance sheets, in which the initial two layers go about as triboelectric (TE) channel and the external one is a savvy channel. The conjugated impact of contact jolt and electrostatic acceptance of the proposed next level mask  are compelling in inactivating the range of infection ladden pressurized canned products in a bidirectional manner.

“The plan has been prepared. Be that as it may, we have to take it forward. We have to construct a model in the wake of getting assent from an association like ICMR. We will at that point officially consider taking the idea to makers of clinical items,” Pro-Vice-Chancellor Chiranjib Bhattacharya said.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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