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U3S Engitech is an Engineering Technology Company providing highly specialized technology to critical manufacturing sectors like Defence and Metal Industries. Situated in Cuttack, Odisha, the company signifies the shifting landscape of Odisha MSME enterprises from agrarian and consumer-based industries to development of complex engineering technology. Mr. Upendra Singh, a graduate and a first-generation entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in working with engineering Industries heads the company as Chairman. Mr. Sandeep Singh, an Engineer by profession and passion, having over 17 years of experience including working for various MNC companies leads the company as CEO & Managing Director.


1. Can you Please Tell us about U3S Engitech?     

U3S is the Umbrella Brand for “Sales, Services and Solutions” in the field of Motion Control Technologies, Lubrication technologies and Innovative Heating Technologies. Our mission is to introduce Industries with Modern Technologies in field of Fluid Power & Conditioning Systems and Thermal Process which can provide efficient, reliable and high-performance systems to help organizations with their production & service capabilities. The technology we offer is designed around high energy efficiency which helps reduce cost of production as well as saves our environment.


2. Can you explain, what is fluid technology?

Fluid Power or Motion Control Technologies are generally referred in terms of Hydraulics or Pneumatic technology. The fundamental Idea of using the technology is to move or manipulate objects with high force but controlled precision. We see fluid power everyday in action from steering wheel in our car, control the motion of the aeroplanes, packing on your favorite snacks, complex processes involving production of Metals, Chemicals, Paper and on construction machines to dig a hole or break a rock. Many major applications of Mechanized work requiring large or precise force are influenced by Fluid Power. Fluid Conditioning helps keep these fluids healthy so that they can serve their purposes in machineries efficiently .U3S along with technology from its globally renowned partners like Parker Hannifin, SKF Engineering and Kanthal specializes in Industrial Application of Fluid Technologies where we support Metal Manufacturers, Defence Equipment Manufacturers, Oil Refineries, Chemical Processing Plants and many Large Industries that mandates operations of Large Machines requiring Fluid Power & Conditioning, Lubrication & Heating Solutions.


3. You are an emerging MSME in the technology Space. What Role do you think MSME and Technology has on India’s Evolving Growth Story?

As an Individual I have always believed that any country will be truly Independent when we have Self Governance, Energy Independence and Technology Independence. We achieved self-governance in 1947, however as seen historically global powers still use their influence on some of our policies due to dependence on both energy and technology. The aspect of Technology Independence in critical fields is something close to my heart as a patriot, which I truly believe can help India become a true global superpower. With growth in Manufacturing capacity by MSME and with innovation in the technology arena driven by MSME, we can achieve the objective of technology Independence and take a bold step further in becoming a true global superpower.


4. What do you think the New Generation Entrepreneur needs to succeed in the new Business Environment?

Understanding that Entrepreneurship is truly about solving real world problems and challenges and developing products towards this cause, it’s also about agility in adapting and changing, achieved by building capable teams. Sustainability and Scalability required building skilled teams and valuing their contributions. True entrepreneurship requires you to learn and relearn constantly, understanding that change is the only constant and change will help drive growth for businesses. Being an entrepreneur is not a race of valuation, it’s about building a healthy, profitable, sustainable and scalable framework where all stakeholders in the business benefit.


5. What are the major challenges facing MSME/Industrial growth today?

Each industry has its own challenges. Common problem we hear from our peers in the industry includes High Bank Interest rates as compared to developed economies or other developing economies, high power prices for industries, complex business compliance requirements. But with focus by Governments over recent years, some of these challenges are being resolved, but major reforms are still needed in this sector. However, for us the major challenge remains unavailability of skilled Manpower. Even though our unemployment rates are high our industries are starving for qualified members. Hence major issue is skill gap. My experience has been that the present system is not producing the right skill set as required by Industry. We strongly feel academic, government and industries need to come together to resolve this skill gap challenge so that our mission for India to grow as a Manufacturing powerhouse is realised soon. There needs to be a push for innovation which can only come up with renewed interest and significant investments in scientific research and push by the education system to create a new generation of scientists focused purely towards innovation.


6. What trends do you foresee for Manufacturing Industries in future and what does MSME companies need to do to keep up with these trends?

As per the ongoing trend, we see a lot of green manufacturing coming up use of environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies will come up both due to industry consciousness as well as government regulations. Use of Renewables/Non-Fuel based technologies will be the need of the future for traditional manufacturing & processing Industries. Effluent and emission controls will see better regulations and stricter controls.

As we move ahead, we will see adaptation and integration of Industry 4.0 standards (Connected Systems), Artificial Intelligence and machine learning even with traditional manufacturing processes and machines. As a result all MSME Technology Manufacturers for future will need to adapt fast to these new standards. Machines developed for future will need to have these capabilities as a standard if we need to catch up with the global competitions.


7. What are the future plans for U3S Engitech?

At present our plans are to keep on pushing our focus purely on R&D and Design, Quality Manufacturing Processes with the objective to create Fluid Power Products which can offer high performance, reliability with energy saving at a very competitive cost to help the development of Industries. The Competitive costing will be obtained through manufacturing excellence by optimization of designs, processes and resources ensuring quality as a foremost target. New infrastructure in terms of both High-Performance Machineries and high skilled team are coming together at U3S to help us produce and compete at the global level. There are plans to set up imports so that we can serve South East Asia, Middle East and Africa over the coming 2-3 years meanwhile expanding our presence in India with our Technology Solutions.

8. Would you like to give any message to the youth of tomorrow?

I would advise new generation of students to be inquisitive about the sciences. Industries will grow with innovation and innovation requires inquisitive mindset. Our academia has to plan to give the youth education centred around developing scientific acumen at a young age. I urge the youth to use the vide information available today over online avenues to build their knowledge and scientific wisdom to help them bring innovation. I would also advise the youth to build skills, build practical knowledge, spend time in laboratories on practical research. It is only with practical applications, skill based learning, converting information into practical knowledge and purposeful questioning will our youth succeed in future.


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