Extra taxes for “Safety and Cleanliness has to be paid by Pet Owners”

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Dog owners in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar city will soon be subject to a tax, a first for the state, following a unanimous decision by more than 40 councillors to do so for the “security and cleanliness” of the area, similar to Delhi, Prayagraj, and some other cities across the nation that charge pet owners.Only dogs are subject to the tax, according to sources. To draught the law, which is anticipated to be implemented by April, the start of the upcoming fiscal year, officers are talking with legal professionals.As the dog problem in Sagar’s streets grew, the decision to tax dog owners was made. This choice was made in response to both the threat posed by stray dogs and the soiled public spaces left behind by domestic dogs.

All dogs kept as pets in Sagar will have to be registered, have their shots, and pay tax. “The tax is not a major issue for the municipal corporation but it’s vital for the safety and health of the people,” said Vrindavan Ahirwar, head of the municipal corporation. Dog owners are irate, and some think the fee is ridiculous. Others said they don’t mind paying a charge as long as it goes toward creating facilities specifically for dogs. Local resident Pawan Yadav said that if the company wants us to pay tax for owning dogs, they should offer a separate area where they may attend to their natural needs.

Canine population control has come under scrutiny as a result of the tragic death of a seven-month-old child in Noida who was mauled by a group of stray dogs within a posh housing development. More than 60% of respondents to a LocalCircles survey done across all of India said that neighbourhood attacks by stray and/or pet dogs are an issue.

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