Extraordinary Circumstances Yield Cremation In Dead Of Night : UP Government In Supreme Court


UP government has said in Supreme Court, “We have already requested Centre to transfer investigation of the rape-murder case as well as the FIR registered for conspiracy to spread caste conflict. Extraordinary circumstances forced district administration to take the extraordinary step of cremating the victim at night in presence of and with the consent of family members.”

UP government in its affadavit in the Hathras case has told Supreme Court that a conspiracy is being stirred up by members of opposition political parties to defame the Yogi government. It has said a “deliberate and planned attempt is being made to invite caste/communal riots” in the state. The UP government has also said there is an endeavour to maculate the image of the administration.

In its affidavit in Supreme Court government demanding CBI probe into the Hathras case. The UP government has said in its affidavit that it must direct the CBI to probe the purported rape and murder of the 19-year-old girl in Hathras. The government has disclose its investigation so far while claiming that “vested interests” are attempting to ascribe a motive to derail a fair probe.

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