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Govt Writes To Farmer Unions Inviting Them For Next Round Of Talks and Asks Them To Choose Date


The government asked the farmers and their unions who are protesting for the abolishing of the new Farm’s law to specify their problems and concern over its earlier proposal of amendments in the new Agricultural laws. The government further asked to choose a convenient date for the next round of talks so that the protest can soon be ended.

Vivek Aggarwal, Union Agricultural Ministry Joint Secretary in a letter to 40 Union leaders stated that the Central Government is making an effort to find a permanent solution for the protest and to soon end this problem and concern raised by the farmers.  He further said that in the draft proposal which was sent on 9th December the government had proposed to make all the necessary amendment, at least on the seven issues which include a written assurance to the farmers that the existing Minimum support price (MSP) system will continue and the farmers should be concerned about the MSP.

But on 16th December the Union rejected the proposal in an email sent by Krantikari Kisan Union state president Darshan Pal. Then a fresh letter was sent to Pal where the farmers union’s response to the government’s draft proposal was very brief. Vivek Aggarwal then requested the union leaders to give details of their concerns and problems over the draft proposal and suggest a date as per their convenience for the next round of talks.

The government then said that the next meeting will be at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi which will help in resolving the doubts and issues of the farmers. In the letter, the government also mentioned that the government-held meetings with many other farmers’ organizations and accepted their suggestions on the recent ongoing matter.

Earlier Supreme Court has passed three Farm Laws but the farmers have expressed their concern stating that new law would pavé the way for eliminating the Minimum Support Price and take away the Mandi system which will eventually work under the big corporate leading to protesting near the Delhi borders and asking to demolish all the three laws.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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