Farmers Have Right To Protest, Suggests Centre Put Farm Law In Hold: Supreme Court

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The Supreme Court appreciates the farmer’s non-violent protest and stated that they have all rights to fight for themselves. Further, the SC suggested that the Centre should put a hold on the controversial farm laws so that it will able to help to negotiate with the farmers.

The SC cleared that the issue of the farmer’s protest should be the priority and not the laws at the moment because their concern should be first taken care of. The apex court further said that it was thinking of establishing up an unbiased and independent panel of agriculture experts and farmer unions to resolve the issue. The court even said that if the law is put on hold, then the farmers shouldn’t protest further till the final decision is made upon the Farm Law.

The court also mentioned that the farmer’s right to protest should not intervene in movements of good and supplies to the ordinary people. They were even concern because of the way things are going between farmers and Centre; no such permanent solution can find out soon. They also mentioned that the farmers couldn’t just keep protesting without even talking to the government.

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The apex court said that it would pass an order on organising a committee only after hearing all the parties including the protesting farmer unions and putting on hold the implementation of laws by the Centre would allow negotiations with farmers. The court is not asking the Centre to abolish the law entirely but suggesting that the implementation should be put to hold so that the farmers and the government can talk and find out a solution for the matter.

The court will pass an order for serving notices to the protesting farmer’s unions and even give them the privilege to address the vacation bench.

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The apex court indicated that it might form a committee having representatives of the government and farmer unions across the country to resolve this national issue and the protesting of farmers at several roads near Delhi borders against the laws as there have been multiple pleas which have been filed against the farmer’s protest and the removal of farmers immediately. As the gathering can lead to spreading of the COVID-19 virus which the whole world is still fighting. 

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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