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Canada’s two-pronged policy on farmers’ movement opposes India’s MSP at WTO


Thousands of farmers in the Delhi border are protesting against the new agricultural law. Farmers are pushing for the repeal of three new agricultural laws. The farmers’ union called for a shutdown in India on Tuesday. The next phase of talks with the government failed, with the next farmers-government Alona on Wednesday.

“Canada always supports the right to peaceful protest in the world,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday. On Saturday, the Canadian government, the World Trade Organization (WTO), was seen protesting against India’s Minimum Support Price (MSP) and other agricultural policies. Canada, however, has introduced its two-pronged policy by questioning India’s agricultural policy at the WTO.

Earlier, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backed the ongoing farmers’ movement in India. “Canada has always supported peaceful protests,” he said. He also expressed concern over the situation.

India responded strongly to Justin Trudeau’s remarks. On Friday, Canadian High Commissioner summoned Nadir Patel to express his displeasure over the remarks made by Trudeau and his cabinet. The State Department has made it clear that interference in domestic affairs will not be tolerated and that if this continues, bilateral relations between India and Canada will deteriorate.

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