Hitesh Kumar ; The Young Sensation (International Award Winner) A fascinating journey from wedding video editing to film making


Hitesh Kumar, a young and dynamic filmmaker with flamboyant nature has bagged many State, National and International level awards for his extraordinary skills in filmmaking. Hitesh belongs to Jajpur district of Odisha state and always been a film enthusiast. Hitesh has won almost 30 International awards, 5 National Awards and 8 State Level Awards from different film festivals and has brought glory for the country and the state too. Interview Times had a detailed conversation with Mr. Hitesh Kumar, below are the answers he responded to the questionnaire of Interview Times,

Q1- Was being a filmmaker always there in your bucket list?

ANSWER: Not only as a film maker, I started my career from acting during Std three, I played roles on stage and received best actor award nine times during my schooling career and afterwards I thought to move in towards acting line but it was not so easy to achieve success, and I don’t have patience to have struggle for long years where your family is dependent on you. So there after I thought to explore myself more and I love to lead not to follow. So I came to know slowly that an actor always follows a director and then I started to be a director and went through Cinematography, Editing and Direction.

Q2- You have been recognized and awarded in many platforms, could you please elaborate your experience from there?

Answer: This is really a proud moment for being awarded in State, National and International platform. I would must say I never made any films to my expectation level to win anywhere. Wherever I got awarded that was always a surprise for me. I made films to bring a social change and to make my film to reach to the audience where I find my success not in awards, but when people feel the motive of my story and bring a change through my film, I really feel happy during that moment and that is the real success rather than all these awards.

Of course you need to participate in competitions because not to win 1st 2nd or 3rd position but also you will come to know how many people are there like you, dreaming to be a film maker, how they are fighting and making real stories, their story telling way, Cinematography and all the things you can learn and discuss with them, which is mostly the important part to participate in a competition to learn more and study.

Q3- What are your future plans?

ANSWER: Future is uncertain and I believe in present because I never dreamt of what I will be in future but yes I trust on present and work hard for each and every project and I believe in slow and steady process as “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE” I started from small documentary films in 2013 to winning international award films in 2021. This is a long journey till now and I believe it would be more. Beside that I have plans to enter in Bollywood or Tollywood industry in future also keep making documentary films and short films music videos in future with upgraded skill.

Q4- What are your hobbies?

ANSWER: Hobbies are really impactful for every single person, maybe I have seen many people don’t care about their hobbies whereas hobbies are real reflection of your image. My hobbies are to watch films in first priority.  I love to watch films because I learn from there and I enjoy like that is food for me. I must watch 1 film regularly even some time 4 to 5 films when I am free, even till now I have a collection of 7000+ films from where I have learnt a lot of things.

Except that I love to travel, after my hectic shooting schedules I get time for 10 to 15days to travel and explore new places and create some memories to cherish after and also to hunt new locations for shoot too.

Q5- What message you would like to give to our readers who want to become like you?

ANSWER: First I will say don’t be like me don’t be like anyone  be yourself and make your signature,  you are born with special powers and talent from god, so  first explore yourself and  recognize who are you?  Find your hidden power and apply it. Whatever you wanted to be in future either film maker or an engineer, formula is same, struggle is same so choose your destination first and stand on your aim and make yourself tough and ready to fight with worst situations, make your hard work level to extreme and keep patience till the end and then after never expect anything except only your work and leave your comfort level to achieve your goal. Then your dream will be on your feet and success will be behind you to hug you tight. Don’t expect your success or glamorous life. Live your life with down to earth nature always trust you belongs from zero so be prepared that some day if your luck can take you to the high peak then also luck can throw you down at any moment so don’t fly away be down to earth and believe in your work. That’s it what I believe and how I am here today.

Q6- How do you manage to work in pressure?

ANSWER: I have to manage  because I never felt like pressure on me because I am doing that job which is my dream and I love to work for 48hr nonstop without taking  rest, only because of my thirst to see my dream and success  and no one never forced me to do so. So sometime also this regular routine make hurdles but that time I take space from my work and spend time with movies or dedicating some time to travelling with nature helps me to heal my stress. That is the secret to get refresh and work harder.

 Q7- How do you executive your work seamlessly?

ANSWER: As executing my work is also a big task and full of responsibilities for me where I have to take care of my work level and client’s expectations. Also giving my signature touch and making it more cinematic and always finding a different angle to establish my shot is always challenging. I must believe “TEAM WORK” in this case because of my team and our coordination it helps us to execute a project seamlessly.

Q8- How do you manage to find beautiful locations for your shoots?

ANSWER: This is a lovely task, I do always hunt for best location as I mentioned whenever I get time I go out for location hunt and find out good locations to cover up. It’s an important job to save good locations for further shoot in future

Q9- How do you manage you bring out new ideas for your work?

ANSWER: I will must say that this is started with Bollywood films first then after I spent some hours in social site browsing some recent news, activities, contents and watching  winning films and short films on YouTube. Watching 1000 and above films will give you an idea about making a film and reading books and browsing recent activities of our society will drive you for better idea for your documentary film.

Q10- Who is your inspiration and why?

ANSWER: I get inspired from old film makers, legend of bollywood films whose films are no doubt perfect in every sense. They are Yash Chopra, Sanjay leela Bhansali, Nitesh Tiwari, Amole Gupta etc. So many successful directors, film makers, actor and actress are there from whom I got inspired.

Image Courtesy: Mr. Hitesh Kumar

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