‘Follow India’s New IT Rules’- Parliamentary Panel To Facebook, Google

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The Parliamentary standing committee on Information and Technology asked Google and Facebook to comply with the new IT rules and follow all the Indian rules. Senior officials from Facebook and Google appeared before the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Information and Technology (IT) to put forth their views on ‘safeguarding citizens’ rights and prevention of misuse of social and online news media platforms including special emphasis on women security in the digital space’.

According to the reports, the committee which was headed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor called Facebook and Google for a session which later turned out to be a briefing meeting.

The panel secretariat will also be writing to Twitter for explanations about the basis on which the accounts of Tharoor and Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad were suspended. Prasad’s account was suspended for an hour purportedly on account of the copyright violations. Unlike the previous meeting with the Twitter representatives, which turned out to be a little heated, this session was more focused. The members showed interest in understanding the technical aspects.

In response, Facebook officials informed the committee that leakage is not from any Facebook platforms but it is happening through other devices. Facebook India Associate General Counsel Namrata Singh and the company’s Director of Public Policy Shivnath Thukral attended the meeting and discussed several issues. Google officials informed the committee that between January and March 2021, YouTube removed over 9.5 million videos for violating its community guidelines.

On June 20, India’s permanent mission at the United Nations had clarified that India’s new IT rules are designed to empower ordinary users of social media and that they were finalised after the government held broad consultations with civil society and other stakeholders in 2018.

Image Source – Google



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