Gaganyaan : 4 Indian Astronauts Returns, To Stay On Busy Training Schedule


Last month four Indian astronauts returned to India after completing their training in Russia and will also undergo different kinds of training here as informed by the Chief K. Sivan of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

As per the IANS report, the chief of the Indian Space Research Organisation stated that the astronauts have landed in India on 28th March and the four astronauts will undergo the space mission-specific training in India. Since February 2020 the four Indian astronauts were training at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC) belonging to Glavkosmos which is a subsidiary of Russian space corporation Roscosmos. All four astronauts will continue to get their training till they board the Indian Space module.

The report further informed that the 10,000 crores Indian human space flight mission is known as Gaganyaan. The astronauts will later work on the Gaganyaan module as if they are flying.

Chief K. Sivan said “The astronauts will have their physical fitness training that includes swimming, jogging. They will also have academic/theoretical classes as they have to understand the rocket and the human space module. They will also be trained on simulators. The Gaganyaan module navigation terminals will be simulated. The astronauts will be trained on various parameters that will be displayed on the terminals. These apart, the astronauts will be trained on survival techniques so that they can survive in the sea as their landing module will land on the sea waters.”

The ISRO will carry out the engineering work related to Gaganyaan while all the astronauts will be trained in Bengaluru and the survival techniques in Cochin. And the Indian space agency is targeting the first unmanned space flight in December 2021.

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