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Google to Invest USD 10 Bn in India

Google to Invest USD 10 Bn in India

Mind-blowing news on the internet, which will blow your mind. During this pandemic, good news comes across in late that Google for India event for 2020, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has endorsed that company will invest 75000 cr or closely $10Bn under the Google for India Digitization fund for the Indian tech and start-up ecosystems.

The fund will stand directly in the business, social impact projects and towards supporting the Indian government digitisation efforts over the next 5-7 years.

It will be a mixture of equity investments, partnerships, and operational, infrastructure and ecosystems investments. Recently, PM Narendra Modi had a conversation with Sundar Pichai regards company’s work in India’s digital economy.

In further announcements made during the live virtual event, Google announced a partnership with the statebroadcaster Prasar Bharati for the creation of an edutainment, series on small and medium business in India.

Google’s tremendous bet on the Indian digital economy and start-up ecosystem comes at a time when Indian startups are facing a financial crunch due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

Article Written By Sushree Sangeeta

Image Source: Google

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