Haryana’s Denials Itself Anti To The Idea Of Farm Bills


Idea Of Farm Bills, The Haryana government needs to think about the farmers of Haryana and “don’t need to stress over different states”, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said early September, declining to obtain crops from different states. Mr Khattar’s video explanation, being broadly shared via social media platforms, is against to the possibility of the disputatious fram laws which guarantee free selling of crops anywhere.

50 Farmers from UP were denied entry to Haryana’s Karnal district to sell their paddy crops. The deputy commissioner of Karnal Nishant Yaadav ordered to increase vigil at the villagers bordering UP to stop the entering of farmers. The three key farm bills talk about the the one nation one market but these denials are itself against the idea which is projected through these bills.

The Chief Minister said this on September 17 while applauding the farm laws.

“We will guarantee that the maize and bajra of Haryana farmers are totally and only purchased. We won’t let it happen that farmers from different states will profit by selling it in our state. We need to think about the farmers of our state. We don’t need to stress over different states,” he said.

He likewise blamed Congress for politicizing the issue. The resistance has censured the way where the three key bills were passed in parliament and affirmed that the bills were pushed through voice vote infringing upon the principles.

The Haryana Chief Minister said Congress-governed states like Punjab and Rajasthan are not acquiring crops like maize and bajra on the base help price(MSP), driving farmers to sell their produce in Haryana.

“The Congress is making it political. However, I have a question for them. For what reason are their legislatures in Punjab and Rajasthan not doing this (get maize and bajra)? We won’t obtain maize and bajra from different states since it’s us who bring about the misfortunes. This is the portion of the ranchers of Haryana,” he said.

Colossal farmers’ fights have been held over the laws, particularly in Punjab and Haryana, states that are named the grain bowl of the nation.

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