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How Work From Home Is Trending As New Business

The work from home culture has generated a whole business around it starting from furniture, desk accessories, clothing as well as shoes that have arrived with WFM tags. These are occupying professionals in making a successful transition from office to office to home.

This culture has blurred the line between life at home and life at work, from trying to find the best position on the couch to work to zeroing down on that perfect attire for the back to back video conferences and everyone is trying to adopt this new way of working.

With no end to the pandemic in near sight, people are now captivating the new experiences of working from home and so this has been no wonder to think that it carries a new brand tag with it.

There are a plethora of brands today that are helping employees in making a new transition of working from the home trend.

Almost every home today people are working on beds, while another family member attends the video conferencing from the balcony. But working in such a way could be detrimental to health as well as distractive, as a wrong posture may definitely lead to multiple health problems such as headache, back pain etc.

Hence the first thing one requires is proper furniture and its no wonder that e-commerce are currently flooded with working tables, home office desk sets, chairs.

Companies such as Godrej Interio, Transteel, Wooden Street and Featherlite as well as Pepperfry too are responding to this increasing demand for furnitures.

Not everyone is willing to expend much for the furniture and for this segment too there are helping buddies who are giving away the furniture in rent take for instance Fabrento who is providing high-quality furniture on rent.

Siddhant Lamba the founder stated that the demand for furniture has been started since the lockdown has arrived in fact the desks were too sold out soon and the new one is demanding continuously to arrive.

Creating an office ambience at home is undoubtedly an critical task to perform but brands like ‘Chumbak’ are making them easier as well as joyful, where this startup has added essentials like cardholder, pen stand, sticky notes box and calendar with a title as ‘chai on my mind’.

Kanpur based retired bank employee has designed a social distancing bed, sofa, dinning table and swing who has been crafting miniature artwork from woods since age of six but has to left the hobby. And now since he hs been retired since 2008 he started occupying his hobby.

Work From Home Wear
Since people are spending hours of time working from home, there has been a greater emphasis on clothes they wear that provides both comfort amd utility.

Myntra launched work from home wear during the spring-summer collection in March that called for generating strong demands of lounge pants and joggers which witnessed eight times more than the pre lockdown period.

There was a drastic change in demand for the fashion items that suited both professional and personal settings such as casual t-shirts, lounges, and leisure clothes.

It has been also noticed a strong surge in demand for t-shirt and shorts which indicated strong consumer intent.
Multipurpose items such as t-shirts matching with the mask are gaining popularity and are sustaining a theme of work from the home collection.

For the foreseeable future, the work from the home collection would be a big focus area and is going to trend on-ramp.
Other brands have also spotted the opportunity to design the same and are venturing into the category. The key factor in designing these includes durability, fitting, size and comfort as well as a sharp look of professionalism.

The footwear retailer, in fact, has also improvised its collection on WFM bandwagon which includes flip-flops, sandals and floaters which could be worn throughout the day and keeps foot coozy and comfortable.

Home training collection, especially for fitness lovers, have also enabled bodyweight exercises like spot running and home gymming without any hindrance. The work from home footwear collection is trending across all the bata stores via e-commerce platforms.

Snacking and styling
The work from home has also started a good business of delivering food items which have encouraged ordering WFM snacks such as burgers, dosas and immunity-boosting snacks customised by various restaurants. And hotels.
A Gurugram based manufacture named as Fruit forest offers a range of fruits such as mangoes, fruit pear, crispy raspberry etc that tagged “Work+fruit forest real snacks= adequate energy”.
Hairstyling at home using dryers, straighteners, trimmers have been initiated by Instagram tutorials and call out action for salon services.

These have provided not only various tasks to do but emphasised the way of living and working under the same roof.

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