Home Covid Times In Chile cops train dogs to detect Coronavirus

In Chile cops train dogs to detect Coronavirus

In Chile cops train dogs to detect Coronavirus

Police in Chile is training dogs to detect people who may be infected with coronavirus by sniffing their sweat. Given the current situation when the Covid pandemic has spun out of control, Swab test and the rapid test is not sufficient to detect a person, who has contracted coronavirus.

“Three golden retrievers and Labrador ages 4 and 5, until now they have been used to sniff out the illicit drug, explosives and lost people”, said canines force.

Dogs have 330 million olfactory receptors, and have the ability to detect a smell of 50 times better than humans and can smell 250 people per hour.

According to WHO for animal health, the possibility of contagion from a dog is remote, the force began their education from last month and sweat samples taken for Covid-19 patients.

“The virus has no smell, but rather the infection generates metabolic changes’’ which particularly releases sweat and the dog have to detect the same sweat’’ Catolica professor told AFP.

There is already evidence that dog can detect diseases like parasite infections, tuberculosis, and early stage of cancer.

The deadly viral contagion has killed more than 15,000 people as per the recent survey by health ministry official and this will lead to very crucial as the officer said.

Article Written By Sushree Sangeeta

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