In Conversation with Author Promila Devi Sutharsan Huidrom

by Subhechcha Ganguly

There are several stories which makes a special connection with the readers .Such is the story of Promila Devi .Her book “Mera toh yeh Mai bhi nahi” has touched the hearts of many people .Let us know more about her in the segment ” In conversation with the eminent Authors “only on interview Times.

Q1) What did you recognize that you had the talent of writing in you ?
-When i was 15 yrs old, i just started writing poetries and i just flow with the deep meanings of my own poetry. I’m basically a computer science graduate and masters in innovation and entrepreneurship from University of Oslo, Norway. After working as IT consultant I realized i am made to write and that’s where is my passion and interest. With the support of my husband who is a renowned cancer specialist in Norway I could pursue writing as my career which I love it from the core of my heart.

Q2) How did you decide the storyline of the story “Mera toh yeh Mai bhi nahi ?”
-This poetry book, “Mera toh yeh mai bhi nahi” is very close to my heart. I started writing it in 2008, and it still continues. It’s about me, my poetic autobiography. The philosophy of this book is what is about human. I’m trying to be human, rather a poetic one.

Q3) Nowadays a large portion of the youth ,wants to take up writing as a career option .What is your advice to them ?
-Please follow your heart, your passion, your interest. If writing is the way, go for it. It is a god gifted. We spend about half of my life working, if that’s what you love to do then life becomes more beautiful and simpler. Just go for it.

Q4) Do you think people relate more with poetries that have a rhyming pattern ?

-There are types of poetry. It depends on what meaning the poetry is sharing. Every poetry, every writing is beautiful because it comes from the heart.

Q5) There is a lot of hardwork that goes behind the process of writing a book ,like deciding the storyline , first draft , writing the final draft and publishing. How did you manage the hectic process and how was your experience. 


-If you ask me, I would say there is no hard work especially in writing. Poetry comes from within the heart and when I write I am in another dimension which I love. Yes publishing and dealing with the process after writing needs lot of patience. And since I live to write I have that patience to wait and to proceed accordingly.

Q6) Finally whom would you like to extend your thanks to , in the process of becoming an writer ?
-My parents upbringing gives me strong base and core competence and later my husband’s support and love and my kids love makes me fulfill my dream and this beautiful life.

Q7) Any message you want to give to the readers ? Also kindly attach the links , of the book so that our readers can get a hold of the books?
-My message to the readers is that life is beautiful and follow your heart. Live your life to the fullest as it’s unpredictable. It’s about living your dream.

My book is available in “Amazon” worldwide, google play, Flipkart, bluerose publishers and kindle

Just type in the search bar, “Mera to yeh mai bhi nahi” and you will find my book.

I can be contacted at
My website:

Thanks and love from Norway.

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