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Seema Pradeep is a very simple, emotional, and talkative person and she get inspired by little things. She wanted to become a teacher which best suits her, but ended up being a logistics professional in Dubai, after going through a lot of different job profiles. She have a lot of hobbies and interests like singing, dancing, crafts, and cooking. She is a great fan of Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh and love watching all old movies. Interview Times had a detailed conversation with her, below are the excerpts:-

Q1-What inspires you to write?
Answer- Anything and everything. It started for a purpose when I was a kid but now anything could inspire me. I like putting down what I think. And then I play with words to get them straight.

Q2-What are your hobbies?
Answer- I love dancing and singing. I do a bit of crafts. And yes, I like to cook.

Q3-How do you source ideas for your writings?
Answer- I make friends easily. I observe people and my environment. I believe that is where a lot of information lies hidden.

Q4-What message do you want to give to people who want to become like you?
Answer- Writing is a passion. It is not easy to play with words , but if you have a little imagination and a little knowledge of the language, get down to work. It is not tough either. There are a lot of people around who can guide and inspire you. Keep observing. I spent years trying to find a good publisher, but now things are easy.


Q5-How do you choose characters in your novels?
Answer- I write poems, now my second book is a short story collection. All the characters are imagined by me. I want my characters to enter every home easily and hence I prefer to choose them from the society where the common man is.

Q6- What is your future ambition?
Answer– I want to be recognised as a good creative writer. I want to write books for children, in a language they can easily understand. I want to be a simple writer who uses simple English to convey thoughts.

Q7- How do you manage your time for writing?
Answer– I am a working woman. Definitely my priority is my profession now. But there is always time for me to follow my passion. I write whenever I feel like writing. At nights or sometimes early mornings. I create my ideas whenever I can. When I am watching a movie or when I am travelling or even when I walk through the road. My mind is always occupied with thoughts.

She has published her first book with ‘The Write Order Publications’ – When the heart speaks on 22nd March which you can buy on Amazon.

Image Courtesy- Seema Pradeep

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