In conversation with Director of Thunor Vahan private Limited – Mr. Prasanta Kumar Majhi

Thunor represents as Germanic God of thunder or God of energy, equivalent to Jupiter In Thunor we had inculcated a Tag line "Customer Satisfaction First"


Thunor Vahan Private Limited is the leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and traders of premium electric cycles, bikes, and motor accessories, as well as lead-acid batteries, having been established in 2019. Under the strict supervision of their skilled workers, they offered products which are manufactured by using superior quality materials and cutting-edge technology. They have carved out a market niche for ourselves and successfully established mutually beneficial business relationships with the industry’s most reputable vendors and clients.


1. Tell us about the journey of thunor and how did the brand began?

Thunor Vahan Pvt Ltd was founded in August of 2019. During the critical period of covid19, in our own budding location on Gongotri Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, we faced many challenges, but with great will power and determination, we are still standing high in the market. Thunor had established several benchmarks of seamless success in our journey, and we had put our best foot forward in every endeavour, propelling success one time and time again.


2. Why did you name your brand thunor?

Being the Director Mr.Prasant Kumar Maihi had piloted Thunor through many back water but every time had steered Thunor in to the sea of success

Thunor represents as Germanic God of thunder or God of energy, equivalent to Jupiter In Thunor we had inculcated a Tag line “Customer Satisfaction First”


3. Whta is your customer feedbacks towards thunor bicycle?

Thunor have its own research and development team for manufacturing of batteries for various type of E-vehicles and E-cycle also a leading manufacturer of modern E-cycles Our motto is to avail world class range of products in affordable price also we are committed for our best efforts towards the world warming to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change.


4. What is the speciality of thunor bicycle?

Our product range specially designed for all kinds of categories from kids to elder to maintain a healthy life style as well as entire day today works, also just a substitute of normal vehicle without pollution with customised option for all our valued customers.


5. Tell us about your future plans of thunor?

We are in plan to explore our dealer network and distributions channel pan India with promotion of not only “Make in India” also “Make in Odisha”

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