In Conversation With Dr Susijit Sahoo, Director Apti Plus

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Dr Susijit Sahoo is one of the leading directors of Odisha who has been following his passion for providing quality education. Apti plus has been one of the leading IAS coaching centres pan India. They give regular classes, online mode of teaching, offline mode of teaching as well as focus on distance learning programmes and test series. Apti Plus was established at Bhubaneswar in 2015. Whereas Educating nation has been a trademark around every single corner and he has followed that in every means. Apti Plus was first established in Kolkata in 2006, which was established by Dr sahoo and his younger brother and from then they has never looked back.

In 2015 he established Apti Plus in Bhubaneswar where he came up with a revolution, a vision, a new aim for the eastern zone students to provide them quality education in civil service coaching. Mr Sahoo says I have seen students from Odisha travel to other states to get quality civil service coaching, but then he thought of establishing the forum right here at Bhubaneswar and providing good knowledge and preparation strategy for civil service examination to the students.


When it comes to quality education most of us must be thinking that how it is different from the other civil service institutions? Apti plus is 100% different from other institutions as it is developed very technically for students benefit. The faculties and management of apti plus are the flag bearers of this whole institution. All the faculties who are guiding the students are from very high firms, like IIT, JNU, DU, with those ex-bureaucrats and a person with lots of teaching experience in this field follow up apti plus to provide quality education as well as time-saving preparing strategies.

When it comes to the IAS and OAS results of 2021, apti plus has stunningly bearded the flag with some top ranks from the institutions, IAS ranks are- Jibani Nagjibhai (RANK 8), Jubin Mohapatra (RANK 46), Jayant Nahata (RANK 56). Followed by OAS- Aswini Kumar Panda ( RANK 1), Ankur Abhilash ( RANK 2), Rashmirekha Patra (RANK 3)with this 119 out of 153 have bagged OAS. Apti plus has created its mark of trust since it has begun. Recently in the OAS examination, the top 3 ranks were bagged by the apti plus achievers, this shows how dedicated the students as well as the whole team of apti plus was. Mr Sahoo says, they complete focus on transparent as well as handy method teaching. Apti plus has also taken lead in the digital world by setting up its application which is easily available in the google play store as well in the IOS app store. A student can directly get the materials at any time and any place. They have also initiated up various learning management systems where they will focus on dynamic studies and quality learning. Apti plus provides a 24*7 library where a student can take any material or books.

A civil service aspirant is always different from a normal student as they have unique plans and strategies to maintain that apti plus also focuses on the wellness of students. apti plus initiate motivational sessions for the aspirants, get recent achievers, and motivational speakers to balance the mental status of the students. “we always try to solve every single problem that is faced by any students” says Mr Sahoo.  They believe in one-to-one personal mentorship and students’ comfort.

Certain places like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Manipur etc are the civil service belts where there is more awareness about the civil service examination.  And if we compare Odisha, we find people thinking that civil service examinations are too tough. Everything that is planned and followed properly is easy. If we see the condition economically, we will see the same situation as the family background is not so stable in the maximum areas.

In the end, with lots of ups and down, apti plus still runs in the race. He thanks his younger brother, as well his own family for being a great support to him and with that he thanks all his well-wishers for the growth apti plus has today.

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