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Let us know more about Garbh Sanskar

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Please tell us about your inspiration behind this book.

My son is my inspiration behind the realization of this book – Garbh Sanskar: Ancient secrets to give birth to genius. I had been blessed to receive this divine knowledge during my pregnancy. When I saw the manifestation in my baby, I felt that this knowledge must reach all the planning and expecting mothers so that we can make this world a better place to live.


Can you tell us in brief about Garbh Sanskar?

I often explain it as “Garbh Sanskar is every emotion you feel, every thought you think, every action you take, every habit you build during your pregnancy.” It’s about how the mother lives during her pregnancy for the best development of the baby. A mother can selectively choose the healthy genes in her baby through the science of ‘Epigenetics.’

More than 2,50,000 cells develop in the baby’s brain every minute. The baby’s brain develops very fast in the womb and takes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clues from the environment through his mother. When a mother becomes aware and practises the rituals of Garbh Sanskar during her pregnancy, she can inculcate all the virtues in her baby right from the womb and give birth to a genius. You see, a woman has infinite potential to evolve the whole world to better.


Writing a book takes a lot of hardwork, do tell us something about the hardwork and the process that goes in.

Yes, that’s true! Writing a book requires consistency and strong willpower. But when it is fuelled by desire – a higher purpose, then it becomes a play. My main purpose behind writing this book was to create awareness among the planning and expecting parents about the myriad benefits of Garbh Sanskar and that made the process easier for a first-time author like me. When things got chaotic, I used to always go back to why I started in the first place and that helped me create this masterpiece.


Today, you would find a large section of youth, is not into reading books . Can you tell them why reading is important and how can they better their habit.

Well, as we all avid readers know that reading has multifarious benefits. It is so much important that it can be equated to an essential life skill. Reading improves the quality of life we live. It helps us be better humans and expand our circle of influence. In fact, I have even added a section in my book on the importance of reading and how to inculcate this habit.

For first-time readers, I would encourage you to pick a genre of your choice and begin with reading just a single page a day. The only condition is that you must read daily. Always remember your why, your reason for why you want to read and then it’s just the play of consistency. Just have an intention of reading the book in your mind and the universe will make ways for you to achieve it.


Tell us about the reviews of your book and how do you feel that you have created such a magical piece that is important for the upcoming generation.

I have been overwhelmed by positive reviews and reader emails. Hearing out from them about how the book is impacting them gave me immense satisfaction in being able to guide them in the golden phase of their life. There is always an apprehension when one is writing a book for the first time on how it will be received. But, I was very clear in my head that even if one mother could live by the rituals, all my efforts would be worth it. The practice of Garbh Sanskar is so powerful that it has the potential to make the world happier, calmer and more peaceful. And I feel blessed to be the medium through which we can make this world a better place to live in.


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