In conversation with food blogger Adarsh Mishra


Adarsh Mishra hails from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He is an influencer and has a food page named “Raipur Foodie Love” under which has (stroll/wander) here and there and cover many other aspects  like  lifestyle , food , etc. which are growing decently everyday with a decent response from the masses. Working on new projects with different ideas has been his field of interest and promoting a healthy lifestyle is what he believes in along. Interview Times had a detailed conversation with Mr. Adarsh, below are the excerpts,

Q 1- What motivated you to start your own food blog?

ANSWER: I am very much passionate about food and I wanted to be a mediator for all the people who are foodie and wanted to tell them about the hidden places of Raipur or Chhattisgarh which were not so much renowned. This motivated me to start my own food blog named “Raipur foodie love.”

Q 2- What technique do you follow to make reach your contents to more and more people?

ANSWER: I regularly explore many new cafes, street foods and make videos and upload in various social media’s such as Instagram , Facebook , Youtube, etc. And try to make it reach to as many people as it is possible.

Q 3- Apart from food blogging what are your other hobbies?

ANSWER: Apart from food blogging I love to play table tennis, cook many new dishes, travelling and exploring many new things etc. apart from this I try to help poor and needy people.

Q 4- How do you source content ideas for your blogs and how did you manage all the requisite works for the same?

ANSWER: I explore my blogging through street foods, cafes, restaurants. I try to cover almost all street foods in and around Chhattisgarh.

Q 5- Can you please share your feelings when people praise your work?

ANSWER: I really get motivated when people praise my work .Their lovely comments motivate me to work more and make many new videos.

Q6- How did you manage time for blogging and how many hours do you spend regularly for the same?

ANSWER: I usually go for exploring food at evening time and spend at least 4-5 hours. Many times when I go for my some personal or official work and as I see a new thing I capture it. 

Q7- Do you love cooking, if yes, then can you please share your best experience from cooking?

ANSWER: Yes, I love cooking I mostly try many new recipes on Sunday. the most amazing and funny experience regarding cooking was at that time when I baked cake for the first time and I forgot to add soda in cake and that day I decided I will never  bake a cake but I am very good at cooking Indian cuisines.

Q 8- what are you future ambitions?

ANSWER: I want to explore almost all the parts of India and want to merge my hobby and passion and my dream is to take my Raipur foodie love to a new height. I try to learn new things from my work.

Image Courtesy: Adarsh Mishra

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