In Conversation with Multi Talented Personality GS Prasanth Kumar

by Subhechcha Ganguly

There are several people who expertise in just on genre but here we have with us multi talented personality music composer, lyricist, poet, singer and short story writer. Let us know more about his Journey in this interview.

Q1) What inspired you in your journey as a musician ?

Ans : Initially I was found by the Tamil teacher that I can sing and she made me to sing on stage. When mom and dad came to know about this, my dad brought a Casio keyboard to learn music and he believed that music will keeps me happy and calm and it is so. But the spark of becoming a musician was lit when I saw A R Rahman winning the prestigious Oscars for the film Slumdog Millionaire in 2009. From that time, that very incident inspired me to begin my journey as a musician. I played keyboard in my school assemblies, events and started my own YouTube channel and Instagram page to exhibit my stuff. Finally in 2022 I managed to compose music, write lyric on my own and started doing my independent albums.

Q2) Tell us about some of your favorite songs. You also love writing. How do you manage to take out time for giving your best in every field.

Ans : In my young age, I was a big fan of Michael Jackson and still now. “You Are Not Alone”, “The Girl is Mine,” “Remember The Time” are my favourite songs of Michael Jackson. Recently I listen lots and lots of songs of BTS and One Direction. Particularly “Clouds”, “Night Changes,”What Makes You Beautiful”, “Fool’s Gold” are my favourite songs of One Direction, “Life Goes On”, “Answer: Love Myself”, “Epiphany” “Film Out” are my favourite songs of BTS.

Q3)You write wonderful short stories. How do you decide the plot for such stories ?

Ans: I decide plot by two things. One is connectivity and another one is the character. When we go to a cinema or read a book, that piece of work should converse the audience. When it comes to characters, the plot which drives is the flaw of that character. It might be a hero or villain, the flaw of that character will anchor the whole plot.For example, if you take Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, here every character has a mistake. When Archie tries to kill himself by gassing, that anchored his story. When Samad feels so traditional and he’s unable to adapt to the British way of living, that anchored his story that revolves around and made interesting.

Q4) There are times when the Youth who want to give their best in all fields get to encounter questions like “ Why don’t you decide a single field ?” People even call them aimless. Since you are an inspiration what would be your message to the youth who face such questions ?

Ans : Honestly they aren’t aimless. It’s good to do multiple things. If we choose to concentrate on one single field, it’ll sometimes makes you feel bored. For a distraction or for their time they can pursue another field. There’s no wrong about it. We live only once. Gather your skills, talent before you leave this world. This very moment is very special for everyone to explore who you are. Don’t carry away by the words of the hegemonic groups. Just do what your heart says.

Q5) “Why do you think it is important to have a hobby ?” You have an amazing hobby star gazing . Tell us more about that .

Ans : In today’s world, most people do a work which they doesn’t like or which isn’t connection to him or her or forced to do so. So he or she need a me time which he or she can live for that very moment and throw all their sorrows and depression they face.About sky gazing/star gazing. I gaze whenever I go down or whenever I need a content for a song or a poetry. That moment when I wear my headphones and gaze at the sky, I forget my world and I concentrate to do what I want.


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